What foods and decor items do you like to include in your fall tablescapes? I love these: Lazy Susans – Handy for hospitality and decorating the tablescape. Burlap & Candles – Brings out the rustic cabin look that I admire with scented candles. The more candles the better. Ahhh! Apples & Pumpkins – Gotta have these for fall decor…fresh apples, MacIntosh Apple Candles (the best!). Candy Corn & Spanish Peanuts Medley with Mini Pumpkins – This one’s a sentimental holiday must do for me. It brings back fond memories of my paternal grandmother. A Dish of Nuts and a Nutcracker – Do you collect nutcrackers? ThereRead More →

Autumn brings joy to the homemaker with a kitchen garden who loves creating recipes of fruits and vegetables. Seasonal root vegetables such as carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, turnips, garlic, and ginger make savory stews. They are flavored with natural juices and seasoned with herbs and spices, so little or no salt is needed. My daughter recently made a vegetable soup with root vegetables and added the small potatoes sometimes called fingerlings. They are purple, red, and white. They make great leftovers. Second-hand, the roots turned into a new Parmesan-Cheddar veggie medley served over brown rice. Yummmyyyy! There are people who don’t eat vegetables, much less the root kind.Read More →

A Fall Tablescape with Candy Corn

One of the best Halloween candies is candy corn. In my opinion, that is. My paternal grandmother always kept them in a little kitchen drawer. Every time I went to visit her, I would head for that drawer. If there was no candy corn there, I would find butterscotch candy instead. But I preferred the candy corn. Still today, I have to buy at least one bag of candy corn each year for Halloween. A friend told me about a different way to serve candy corn. Add Spanish peanuts. I had never tried that before, so I thought why not. I love it because theRead More →

Pumpkin Smoothie

October is a pleasant time of the year with summer behind us and days finally feeling like fall. It’s a season of enjoying fall foliage, having family fun at pumpkin patches, and baking favorite recipes. Full Plate Thursday is one of my favorite recipe parties to join online. If you want to try out a new dish or share one of your own, check out Miz Helen’s Country Cottage. This past Thursday I visited To Simply Inspire’s blog by Sherri and discovered a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Pie Smoothie that I added to the smoothie board at Kitchen Southern Hospitality Pinterest so I can find it quickly.Read More →

Strawberry Souffle for National Dessert Day

Hey, y’all! It’s National Dessert Day! One of the kitchen joys I like the most is preparing a dessert because I love sweets and enjoy making them for family and friends. Lately, I’ve strived to be more mindful of my daily nutritional intake – including desserts. Call it food for comfort, reward, or whatever you think best fits, sweets just simply taste good. That doesn’t mean I don’t like eating meat or vegetables. The bottom line is that I prefer the main meal – and the dessert. Who says I can’t have the cake and eat it, too? Since using MyFitnessPal, an easy-to-use IOS calorieRead More →

pumpkin farms with grandchildren

Fall has arrived, but it goes better with cooler temperatures. Ninety-plus-degree weather days aren’t getting me in the baking mood. It’s a season for apple pie, apples dipped in caramel, carved pumpkins, and pumpkin bars. The only pumpkin that’s made it into the house got as far as the dining table. No pumpkin desserts have made it in my kitchen yet (unless you count a pumpkin spice coffee creamer as dessert) – strawberries are dominating the territory. I thought that strawberry season ended in August. Not this year. The summer season may have started in June and ended in September, but summer heat has lastedRead More →

Strawberries in October

When Fall arrives, I think of apples and pumpkins. This week, though, I was surprised with a half flat of fresh strawberries from my Pattycakespantry.com blogger friend. I’ve been browsing through several cookbooks to see if I might discover a different recipe for strawberries. I found a custard berry parfait recipe in a Taste of Home cookbook. Incidentally, I got to attend The Taste of Home Cooking School this week. That was fun. It would have been more fun had we been able to taste the food. I hadn’t eaten dinner before going (not a wise thing to skip dinner before the cooking school). Unfortunately,Read More →

McIntosh Apple-Less Tree

Does an apple a day keep you feeling healthy? It’s that time of year – apple season. Apple trees are supposed to grow well in the High Desert I was told. Since I love apples and had been trying my hand at gardening vegetables, I thought why not plant an apple tree and other fruit. I purchased a grape vine (that’s growing like crazy) and a dwarf McIntosh tree that planted last fall. In the fall the little tree had tiny apples that actually tasted good. Come spring, beautiful blossoms grew. Surely, I’ll have a nice bunch of apples in the fall – I thought.Read More →

Route 66 Road Trip

Sharing malts in Autumn is a treat to enjoy while the days are still warm. Delgadillo’s Snow Cap in Seligman, Arizona is the place to stop for a fun Route 66 ice-cream break. The place will trick you before you make it to the counter to order. My husband pulled the door handle to go in. Nothing happened. He pulled the wrong handle. There are two, one on each side of the door. The service is hilarious. The malts are great. We left full of malts and of laughter. According to reviews of Delgadillo’s cafe, anything you order from their kitchen is good. We orderedRead More →