Give a dark or white chocolate popcorn gift – you can even make it sugar free. Popcorn gift giving is good throughout the year. When you prepare this crazy-good snack to give away, either make tons of it or keep everybody out of the kitchen. It’s that good. White Chocolate Popcorn for Potluck My cousin asked me to participate in a youth Christmas potluck event. Not sure what to make, I got the chocolate popcorn idea from my daughter. She told me about a white chocolate popcorn with sprinkles she had made once and said it was really good. I chose red and green sprinkles forRead More →

 Foods and Activities that Help Satisfy Food Cravings How do you stop yourself from nighttime food cravings? Learn healthy hobbies, practice good habits, and eat nutritious snacks to control the urge to binge on food. Take charge by eating foods and doing activities that you enjoy and that reduce the desire to snack on junk food. It’s normal to have nighttime snack cravings. Doesn’t mean you’re hungry. It does mean something inside of you is driving you to satisfy an urge to eat. There’s no particular food you’re looking for. But you have to eat something to make that strong force in you go away. If you’reRead More →

Remember the hot dog recipe I blogged about last time? In case you didn’t see it yet, the special southern style dog includes a vegetable. Trying hard to incorporate veggies for easy family meals that your children won’t roll their eyes at? Make this meal fun for your children or grandchildren by asking them to set the table for you. The older ones can be chopping up the pickles unless you go the easy route with a jar of pickle relish. Speaking of relish, let me tell you about a pickle and ham roll-up snack I convinced my two granddaughters to taste. Grandmas like me dare toRead More →

When I was young and went on road trips with my family, my parents would purchase snacks for the car and hotels. Mother loved apples and peanut butter. Daddy loved peanut butter crackers and Doritos, nacho cheese, chips. There were plenty of other snacks, but those stand out in my memory – probably because those were their favorites. Even later in life, my parents continued to favor those particular snacks. Have you tried an apple with peanut butter on it? It’s really good. If you’re traveling and stop by a convenience store, of course, the easiest snacks to find are chips and crackers. So let’sRead More →

Benefits to Kitchen Garden Salsa The best thing about growing a kitchen garden is the salsa. Choose sweet, hot, mild, or spicy. You can change up the recipe every time you make it or keep the same one if you like it that much. What do I like about making my own garden salsa? It’s fresh. Organic. Right outside the kitchen door. When I have everything to make it but a jalapeno, I don’t have to drive to town to buy a pepper. You can always have salsa on hand. If you don’t have any freshly made, you don’t have to wait. It only takesRead More →

Make these easy big game day dip recipes. They’ll go great with chips for any occasion you’re serving snacks. Want some super easy dips to make for Sunday’s game? Try these quick recipes. I’ll start with my favorite, a Pistachio Dip that is great for dipping bananas and blueberries. If you have any of this dip left over, you’ll want a spoon to devour the rest as a pudding. Here are the ingredients to make it: 1/2 Carton Plain Greek Yogurt 1 Small Box Low Fat, Sugar Free Pistachio Pudding Mix 1 Cup 2% Milk First, mix the pudding mix and the milk. Then blendRead More →

Years ago when I worked at Houston Natural Gas Corporation (HNG), that later became Enron (I had already left by then), there was a young lady who ate yogurt every time I saw her in the break room. At the time, I didn’t eat yogurt. Seeing the girl’s daily yogurt snack, however, made me curious. She ate the kind that has fruit at the bottom. It looked interesting, so, I got brave and tried different brands. I really didn’t care for yogurt at first. I had to acquire a taste for it. Eventually, though, I began to like it. Now I’ve graduated from the berriesRead More →