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Good Friday weekend I went to a cousin’s wedding with my daughter, Chrissie. That meant I also got to visit a couple of weeks with Chrissie, my son-in-law, and two little sweet granddaughters. During this time, I started my 30 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes for the month of April.

Cooking in my slow cooker at home is different than using Chrissie’s large quantity cooker. Hers is larger than mine. But there are more people to cook for at her house, so it’s all good. Even the baby is eating now from the table food – and she loves my “flop” rice and pasta recipes. If you’ve kept up with my 30 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes, you’ve read about the rice and pasta recipes that cooked to a soft texture (or mush).

All that cooking fun includes something sweet. Chrissie warned me before I came to go light on the sweets because my oldest little grand was going through a phase of throwing her food in the trash and replacing it with a snack or dessert. By the time I arrived, she had gotten back on track and was eating well again. Although I’ve been careful about the sweets, I did make some teacakes and a peach dessert.

I’m ready for fresh ripe peaches. They aren’t out in the supermarket yet (at least where my daughter shops). But I had a craving for peach cobbler. The result was SO delicious. I added Whipping Cream when the recipe was done but didn’t include that as one of the ingredients. The whipping cream made it more like the custard than the cobbler. Either way is good.

This dessert went quickly. It’s a favorite and very easy to make. It’s good by itself but oh so yummy with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. If you can’t get Blue Bell, serve the peach dessert with your favorite vanilla ice cream.

The Slow Cooker Peach Custard is similar to a dump cake, just creamier. If you’ve made a peach cobbler in a slow cooker, how did you make yours differently? If you try this, let me know how yours turns out.

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  1. I have never made a cobbler or any dessert in the Crockpot. This looks good, but I think I would rather have it without the addition of the cream. I definitely agree with the reccommendation to serve it ala mode.

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