This Mexican chicken casserole is the easiest to make, and it was a hit with my family. All you need is chicken, a few canned foods, cheese and a baking pan. Looking for an easy Mexican casserole recipe with simple ingredients? This one’s super easy with a great flavor, so much that you’ll want to store leftovers.Read More →


You are going to love this Popeye’s Spinach and Hamburger Burritos recipe if you love spinach. And if you love burritos, that’s another reason you’ll like this incredibly easy-to-make dish. Popeye’s Spinach and Hamburger Recipe is a simple pan fry recipe that takes less than thirty minutes to make.Read More →

Chicken Bowl

  Make this easy stir-fry one-pot meal, Thai Chicken and Peanut Veggie Bowl, for your family’s dinner.       It’s an easy recipe to make, and it’s a kid-friendly meal for those who love rice bowls with chicken. Chicken and rice bowls, or similar one-pot meals such as Thai chicken quinoa bowls, make great recipes to serve a family dinner. Use a wok, or you can use a large skillet.Read More →