Looking for an easy kind of meat to cook in the slow cooker? Try pork chops. Just thaw them out the night before, and put them in the slow cooker the next morning to cook on low all day. Pork chops occasionally go on sale for 99 cents per pound at this one grocery store I shop at. I’ll buy a few packages and freeze them. They are good pan fried, grilled, baked, broiled, and cooked in the slow cooker. One of the pork chop recipes I’ve tried in my Rival Crock-Pot is a quick way to cook in the slow cooker. I first brownRead More →

Garlic Potatoes Side Dish in the Slow Cooker How do you make garlic potatoes? If you haven’t used those cute little red, yellow, and purple potatoes, you should put that on your list of foods to try. Mini potatoes go great in stews. I can’t remember if my mother ever made stews with the little potatoes, but I like them. She always had potatoes in her stews and pot roasts, though. In fact, when I was in my teens, she often put regular and sweet potatoes in with a chuck roast. Speaking of stews, I have a funny memory of my oldest niece and nephewRead More →

On my recent visit to see my daughter and her family, I was trying to come up with desserts that aren’t loaded with sugar. My friend over at PattyCakesPantry.com suggested apples and cinnamon cooked on the stove. I thought I’d give them a try in the slow cooker. Now I know a lot of you who work all day are interested in all-day meals cooked in the slow cooker. I can totally understand and will be publishing more recipes for you to cook six hours or more. However, there are some dessert recipes that are easy and pretty quick to make in a slow-cooking appliance.Read More →

Slow Cooker Pork Chops Pork chops are good however they’re cooked – at least, I think so. I have tried them pan fried, grilled, baked, and slow-cooked. My friend’s mom (I refer to her as Abuela), wasn’t used to cooking in the slow cooker for a long time. But when she caught on to how easy it was, she started cooking everything in it. So I asked what Abuela’s favorite slow-cooker meal is. The answer – pork chops! Abuela’s Pork Chops Mini Organic Carrot with Pork Chops Ingredients 4 small pork chops or 2 large pork chops 1-1/2 cups water 1 Knorr chicken boullion cubeRead More →

It’s already April 2, and I’ve challenged myself to post 30 slow cooker recipes on kitchenhospitality.com. Sound crazy to you? It does to me, too. I’ll tell you why. It’s crazy… because it takes a lot of planning to fix crockpot meals. my schedule isn’t always convenient to cook at all. I often make up my own recipes, and sometimes they don’t turn out right. But the challenge is on. This month I’ll post recipes for meals and desserts. They will include cooking times for 8-10 hours on low all day, others set for high and low, and desserts mostly for 2-3 hours. Don’t beRead More →

The Big Rig Macaw and Owner, Larry St. Patrick’s Day is the birthday of a very special Harlequin Macaw named Muggsy. Happy 32nd Birthday, Muggsy! Muggsy travels in a big rig with his owner, Larry whom my husband Greg met at a truck stop in Texas. Greg mentioned to Larry that I’m a blogger and asked if I could call him, and he agreed. Fascinated about this beautiful bird my husband met, I contacted Larry and learned about the amazing Muggsy. I had read about macaws and already had a list of questions of things I was curious about, including these: “Larry, does Muggsy screamRead More →

Fun Free Short Stack Breakfast at IHOP Did you get your free pancakes at IHOP today? I did. Couldn’t resist. Of course, you figured that out if you’ve been reading my blog. I LOVE pancakes. Lately, I’ve been on a blueberry kick, too. Blueberries and pancakes go together well. So it’s no wonder that when I met my blogging friend at IHOP for the Short Stack, I added the blueberry syrup.Read More →

Wondering where to begin with your January home organizing? Start in the kitchen with the refrigerator, pantry staples, and making a list of foods to plan your meals for the month. Comfort that begins in the kitchen promotes daily satisfaction and motivation. Begin with a cup of hot tea or coffee (or Coffeccino as in my January 10th morning kickoff). Next, clean the refrigerator and organize fridge magnets. Throw away old leftovers, organize fruits, vegetables, condiments, etc. You’ll feel better when your frig smells clean and looks shiny, free from smudges and germs. Make a list of fresh vegetables and fruits to add to yourRead More →