Garlic Potatoes Side Dish in the Slow Cooker

Mini Potatoes

How do you make garlic potatoes? If you haven’t used those cute little red, yellow, and purple potatoes, you should put that on your list of foods to try. Mini potatoes go great in stews. I can’t remember if my mother ever made stews with the little potatoes, but I like them. She always had potatoes in her stews and pot roasts, though. In fact, when I was in my teens, she often put regular and sweet potatoes in with a chuck roast.

Speaking of stews, I have a funny memory of my oldest niece and nephew right after a holiday. Mother, my sisters-in-law, the two little ones, and I went on a shopping trip one day. On the way back, my niece, Michelle, (barely old enough to talk) said, “Bian (Brian), you like stew?”

I think Brian was unsure what he was supposed to say and was noncommittal.

“I don’t like stew!” Michelle said.

We must have all been hungry. If I remember correctly, my niece wanted to eat and her mom told her we would eat when we got back home, that her Nana had fixed stew.There was plenty of food after the holiday, so Michelle probably didn’t have to eat the stew.

Stew seemed to always be a Sunday meal at my family’s house and a typical southern meal. Daddy was the preacher. If you know anything about what it’s like for preachers’ families on Sundays, well, you’re the last one to leave the church. Mother didn’t bring us snacks to eat, either. We had to wait ’til we got home to eat the stew (or whatever she prepared for us).

Often, the saints (or parishioners, if you prefer) would invite us over for Sunday dinner. In my earlier years, the church Daddy pastored had several farmers. Boy howdy (that’s a common East Texas term), those farmers’ wives could cook up a storm with fresh everything – vegetables from the garden, chickens from the chicken houses, bacon from the pigs, and steak from the cows. Come to think of it, I don’t recall having steaks back then. Our farmers must have been a bit poor back in those days. Or maybe they all knew that preachers were supposed to have chicken – ’cause I do remember LOTS of chicken.

I loved fried chicken – still do. Maybe the farmers did serve steak to my parents. I could have been too little to have wanted any steak. I will have to ask my brothers about this. It’s funny how, after all of these years, I’ve never even given this a thought.

One thing I do recall is that I loved going to the farms of the people in our church. A lot of times I stayed with them when my parents were out of town. It was fun going inside the chicken houses to see the cute little chicks. I just didn’t like it when they all swarmed around my feet.

Another memory of being on one of the farms I used to stay at with my friends was going to the barbed wire fence to watch the goats. I got too close to the barbed wire, and my arm was cut. I was stuck and couldn’t move. Ouch! My friends’ mother (the family had 8 or 9 kids) came out to un-barb me. I still have the scar today.

One of the other farms I enjoyed visiting had rolling hills and cattle. The farmer and his wife had two granddaughters (we’re still friends after all this time). Their grandfather had made an outside kitchen playhouse with real old pots and pans and benches. It was the most fun place, and I loved going there. The grandmother, Sister Addie, made pretty coconut cakes, covered with beautiful white coconut icing. I can just see it now – sitting pretty in the middle of the table while we were waiting for the Sunday meal to finish cooking. All I could think of was eating the pretty white cake – forget the rest of the food.

Memories. Sweet food memories. It brings tears to my eyes while I stop and reminisce. Honestly, I didn’t mean for this blog post to take this direction, but it did. It’s one of those trigger memories when you’ve lost your mother and your dad (Daddy died five months ago), and you feel sad that they’re no longer with you. Then you think of the happy times, like just now when my granddaughter who is learning to walk just made it over to where I’m typing and managed to bang these characters out with her little hand: “, 2q2`2w21q2wq1321.” I couldn’t erase it for anythng. It was the first time she’s ever got the chance to get that close to my computer. Happy moments.

Sweet food memories continue. Little Grand and I made some tonight while she and I hung out awhile. She ate some baby food but wanted my cereal and was not having it any other way. I don’t eat cereal often but felt like having some (Yes, I gave her a few bites. It was Cheerios.) Fun times.




  1. It’s amazing how even just the smell of certain foods can bring back a flood of memories. I don’t suppose you can make a coconut cake in your crock-pot, can you?

    1. Author

      That is a great idea! If you find a recipe, let me know.

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