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Houston, Texas

Discover Cuban food the best way by having a friend of Cuban descent cook for you. But if you don’t have that option – and you’re in Houston, Texas – try out the city’s restaurants with Cuban cuisine.

El Rey Taqueria Restaurant 

It’s who you know in a city that counts when looking for the best places to eat. When you don’t know anyone in a city that you’re passing through, restaurant reviews do help.

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I like going out to eat in Houston with my daughter and son-in-law. They are involved in event planning there and are familiar with the best food trucks, best-tasting food, and best quality and quantity food for your bucks in this Southeast Texas city. One such place is El Rey Taqueria with exceptional food and good reviews.

Cuban food
El Rey Taqueria

My daughter recommended the big Cuban burrito at El Rey Taqueri’s #36, Giant Cuban Burrito for only $8.99 – Choice of Beef, Chicken or Pork with White Rice, Black Beans, Plantains & Sour Cream. It’s her and her husband’s favorite item on the menu. He ate the half plus another whole one. You know it’s gotta be good!

I didn’t try the specialty coffee at El Rey Taqueria, but apparently, they are delightful. My little granddaughter discovered a certain item that she likes on El Rey Taqueria’s menu – a latte. When her mom wasn’t looking, she carefully reached for her cup of coffee. I didn’t say anything because I thought my daughter had noticed, but when she picked her cup for another sip, it was empty!

Incidentally, I hear that Cuban coffee is exceptionally good and sweet. Perhaps, you’d rather enjoy a cup of Joe in the comforts of home rather than going to El Rey Taqueria to get coffee. Try the French press made with coarse organic ground fair trade coffee beans, and make it super sweet the Cuban way. If needed, use an alternative for the sugar.

El Rey Taqueria Coffee and Other Beverage Menu

My husband didn’t go to the restaurant with us, so I knew just what to get him – the Giant Cuban Burrito with chicken. I ordered two things. My first order was the veggie taco made with a wheat tortilla (flour, corn, and wheat choices). My second choice was “House Specialties 37. Cuban Sandwich $7.50 Ham, Roasted Pork, Swiss Cheese & Pickles, Served on Toasted French Bread.”

You can see that this Cuban restaurant (they also serve Mexican entrees) has a wide selection to choose from in my photo below.

Houston, Texas Cuban restaurants
El Rey Taqueria Menu







Try this authentic Cuban style food, a potato recipe by my Cuban friend:

More Houston Cuban Restaurants

There are many top Cuban restaurants in the Houston vicinity. I’ve listed a few with websites here, although I haven’t personally dined at any on this list.


Cafe Piquet advertises authentic Cuban cuisine from original family recipes.


What I like from the reviews of Rincon Criollo is the large portions and the friendly service.


I don’t know if my kiddos have tried this Cuban food truck yet in the big Houston Strong city. (Yes, the city is strong, building back after Hurricane Harvey, and are celebrating with the Astros, the 2017 World Series champions❣️)

When I get the opportunity, I’m definitely planning to order from Lilu’s Food Truck. They sell hot pressed sandwiches that look amazing.

The thing I especially love about this food truck is that they add a fried egg to anything for only a dollar. You’ll notice fried eggs in numerous recipes at Kitchen Southern Hospitality. Since breakfast is my favorite meal any time of the day, two of my recipe books include various recipes with eggs. Want to encourage your family to eat more veggies? Add them to fried, scrambled, or baked eggs. See recipes like these in the summer cookbook that was published in June 2017, Simple Summer Recipes.

I asked my long-time Cuban friend Doris if Cubans especially like fried eggs.

She said, “Yes. My mother (don’t know if this is Cuban) will fry an egg and place it on her white rice. She never had scrambled eggs until she came to the U. S.”


The Cuban Spot website displays mouth-watering sandwiches and loaded fries. Fries, most certainly, is an American food favorite. Doris says her mom puts fries in a Cuban tortilla. When researching Cuban food in the States, I learned that plaintains and fries are two of the common side menu choices often served with Cuban entrees.

Cuban Desserts


I couldn’t pass this Cuban bakery up because Cubans are known for favoring easy-on-the-sugar desserts. But I added this bakery to my list of Houston Cuban favs because I love sweets like custard and flan that are among their most-favored treats.

You’ll also find guava and cheese pastries in Cuban recipes. For instance, Flor de Cuba Bakery includes guava and cheese turnovers. On that note, I’m ready to devour all of the above-mentioned desserts at this moment.

No doubt about it, Cubans are superb cooks and bakers. Learn more about how to cook authentic Cuban food. Should you enjoy it and want to take your cooking a few steps further, consider starting your own food truck business. Houston is big enough for another Cuban food truck. Of course, you can choose to go elsewhere with your Cuban food business.

There is a list, “Top 20 US Cities to Open a Food Truck” business that you can check out. Since Magnolia Farms and food trucks at the Silos have become a hot spot to visit, you might consider Waco, Texas to start a Cuban food truck business.

In the meantime, go enjoy some good Cuban food.

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  1. I love Latin flavors, but I’ve never tasted Cuban food. If I’m ever in Texas, I will have to check out some of these recommendations. I’m particularly excited to try the desserts.

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