Cooking for one and don’t want to heat up the kitchen in the summer? Put an air fryer on your to-buy list, and make easy meals like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cooking a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in an Air Fryer

Like many kitchen cooking appliances, air fryers can take up a lot of room in a kitchen. But have you seen the small one? Walmart and Sam’s Club carry it, or you can order one on Amazon. You can cook a grilled cheese sandwich in it.

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When my cousin told me her grandson makes his grilled cheese sandwiches in his small university apartment, I thought that was pretty impressive. That’s because I love grilled cheese sandwiches. So another cousin of mine who usually cooks for one bought a small Copper Chef air fryer from Sam’s Club. Hers is red, but it looks similar to this one on Amazon:

My cousin and I tried the air fryer out at my house. The first thing you have to do is wipe the inside with a warm soapy dishcloth. Then you have to preheat the air fryer. You let it cool a bit. Next, wipe it again with the soapy dishcloth. Read the instructions for your particular air fryer should you decide to buy one.

Our first meal in the air fryer? Grilled cheese sandwich. There were two of us which meant we had to cook one sandwich at a time. But it didn’t take but about six minutes each. They turned out great – light crispy, buttery grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cooking grilled sandwiches is very easy to do. But in case you’d like to try making a grilled cheese sandwich in a small air fryer, here’s my recipe:

Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwich

easy air fryer grilled cheese sandwich recipe for one

Servings 1
Author Angie


  • 2 slices bread
  • 1 serving Earth Balance Buttery Spread Spread one-half serving on each slice of bread.
  • 2 slices Cheese I used mild cheddar and Havarti.


  1. Butter the bread.

  2. Place the cheese slices on one slice of bread and top with the other slice.

  3. Preheat the air fryer according to the instructions.

  4. Put the copper tray into the air fryer basket.

  5. Place the sandwich into the fryer basket, and push it into place to cook.

  6. Push the on button, and set the temperature to 350 degrees.

  7. Set the timer to three minutes.

  8. After the sandwich cooks for three minutes, open the air fryer basket and turn the sandwich over and cook for another three minutes at the same temperature.

  9. The sandwich is ready to eat.

Learning to Cook for One

When you’ve been used to cooking for you and another, cooking for yourself is like stepping out of your comfort zone. Trying out meals for one in different kitchen appliances such as the air fryer might make eating by yourself feel less depressing. And remember, soup is a good kind of comfort food. Make a grilled cheese sandwich with soup. Try out my Zesty Tomato Soup recipe.

Simple healthy cooking, of course, is easy to do the old-fashioned way – on the stove, in the oven. Even microwave cooking is old-fashioned these days. Nevertheless, if you only cook for yourself or you and your spouse, significant other, or a child, you may want to consider purchasing the air fryer.

Check out the salmon patty meal my cousin and I made in the small air fryer. You can make hamburgers in it, chicken, etc. So many options. Great for the person that lives alone and hates cooking a big meal.

Got an air fryer? Go make a grilled cheese sandwich for yourself.

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