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February is filled with dip, snack, and dessert recipes galore for Super Bowl get-togethers and Valentine’s Day. But what about after those two most popular occasions? After all those snacks and sweets, veggies sound very appetizing.

Too many snacks and desserts can pack on the pounds quickly. I’ve been choosing more protein meals, cutting back on meat (although I love it), and increasing vegetable and fruit intake.

Veggies for Breakfast

This morning I started off with a veggie-packed three-egg omelet. Too many eggs? Perhaps not. My husband met a professional truck driver who feeds his pet macaw a four-egg omelet for breakfast. I had the opportunity of speaking with the macaw’s owner. His pet bird, Muggsy, likes veggies and eats them daily. If such a bird can stay healthy with that many eggs included in its diet, I think I can, too.

You can use any vegetables you like for your omelet. I like to try a variety of vegetables when cooking omelets. Spinach, carrots, onions, and cilantro are some of my favorites. When I make the spinach ones, I load the spinach on because it seems to melt away when cooking. I only use a few carrots, and in this recipe, I used two small carrots about the size of this one:

carrots for breakfast
Small Carrot

Veggie for Dinner

Start your day off with the veggie-omelet recipe and end it with another veggie recipe, Cucumber Sandwich. A friend told me how much she loves cucumber sandwiches. I purchased the cucumber but then found out that cream cheese goes in the recipe.

Back to the store, I bought cream cheese and one more item that looked good – raisin bread. I don’t remember how long it has been since I ate raisin bread. Muggsy likes raisin bread. When I saw the bread at the store, I couldn’t resist. Want to guess what I used it for? A Raisin Bread Cucumber Sandwich.

Veggie & Cream Cheese Sandwich
Raisin Bread Cucumber Sandwich

Raisin Bread Cucumber Sandwich

2 Slices raisin bread

1/2 Cucumber

1/3 Block cream cheese

Salt & Pepper

Put cream cheese in a microwave-safe container. Set the microwave on defrost long enough to soften the cream cheese. Mix the cream cheese and cucumber together. Add salt and pepper. Toast the bread, and make add the cucumber mixture (good on Ritz crackers, too) for a very tasty sandwich.

Ritz Cracker Snacks
Cucumber & Cream Cheese Ritz Snacking

I loved hearing about Muggsy eating veggies, raisin bread, and the other foods he likes. That shows you how we feel cravings just at the mention of food.




  1. Do you chop or grate the cucumber before adding it to the cream cheese?

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