Eggs Cooked on a Griddle
Texas Egg

This week I’ve challenged myself to prepare meals by using four different kitchen appliances. Crockpot, microwave, and griddle meals are doable. Pop-up toaster meals require a bit more creativity.

I shared my griddle and pop-up toaster French Vanilla French Toast meal previously. It turned out successful, so much that I’ve made it twice already.

The crockpot meal, Crockpot Pork Chops, turned out great. I’ll make that one again for sure. The recipe is for four pork chops, servings for up to four people. I also made a crockpot chocolate pudding brownie dessert. While that was cooking (1-1/2 hours), I cooked the chocolate frosting in the microwave. The day before that I made a mug cake in the microwave. Since I didn’t have the exact ingredients needed to make the perfect chocolate mug cake, it didn’t turn out perfect. It did, however, satisfy my chocolate craving. Unfortunately, the desire for chocolate did not go away. So, I attempted to make the crockpot chocolate dessert. That almost turned out just right. But almost isn’t good enough for the perfect chocolate cake or brownie. This is what happened.

I checked the brownie cake, and it actually looked like a cake. Then I noticed the middle was not done. I let it cook longer and made the frosting in the microwave – which tasted rich and delicious. I poured it on top of the crockpot dessert and let it cook longer. Wrong thing to do. If I wouldn’t have added the glaze on top of the crockpot cake, I think both would have been fine. I’ll try it again and let you know how it turns out. It did look pretty and yummy, though (tasted wonderful, but the texture wasn’t just right).

Crockpot Chocolate
Crockpot Chocolate Pudding Brownie Dessert

Check back soon, and I’ll let you know how the next one turns out. I’m not giving up on it yet.

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I love eggs and came up with a fun idea for Valentine’s Day – an egg cooked on the griddle inside my Texas cookie cutter! Check this out.

Fried Eggs
Texas Cookie Cutter Fried Egg

I liked it so much that I put a yellow rose on the photo representing the Yellow Rose of Texas. As you can see by the photo, I was excited about this Texas-shaped fried egg.

Before I cooked the egg, I made a new batch of my French Vanilla French Toast, sliced it into sticks for the toaster, and put them in a baggie for the freezer – and saved four sticks for my Texas egg breakfast. I heated up some syrup in the microwave to dip my French toast sticks in. Fun and yummy breakfast! You should try it.

If you make the Texas cookie cutter egg, here’s a note about how you do it. Put some butter or coconut oil on the griddle, then place the cookie cutter on top of it. Crack the egg and carefully put the egg inside the cookie cutter. I let mine cook 2-3 minutes then turned it over. I used a spatula and knife to turn it over and also gently pressed the egg down in the corners of the cookie cutter. The egg turned out great, and I had successfully come up with a new egg recipe cooked on my griddle.



  1. That’s a very cute idea. I like the idea of a Texas shaped egg for breakfast. Great thing to make for guests from out of state

    1. Author

      Thank you. You can have so much fun with cookie cutters – even with eggs.

  2. You could use any shape cookie cutter. I want to make heart shaped pancakes and eggs for my family today.

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