You quickly learn about where the best food is, most convenient truck stops, and no-brainer daily activities like how to climb in and out of the big rig when riding along with your trucker husband. I’ve decided to share one recent day’s events in case you’re wondering. Food is a priority of mine (figured that out already, didn’t you?😉), and I like to start my day with breakfast (especially fried eggs or omelets) and coffee. Unless I want to spend money every morning for cooked eggs, I have to settle on other nutritious food. On a side note here, many truck stops are becoming moreRead More →

  What do you prepare for dinner when there is nothing in the refrigerator or, in a big rig, if there is NO refrigerator? You keep an ice chest handy and full of ice with nutritious food inside. Oranges, apples, nectarines, and bananas are kept on hand, are nutritious, and add a good amount of needed fiber. Cottage cheese is a great protein snack that we like, especially the Cottage Cheese Doubles brand. We stack a few packaged fruit packs in their natural juice, mixed tuna flavored packs, and other items. Jerky is good, but it’s important to get the kinds with low sodium. YouRead More →

Slow Cooker All-Day Baked Beans Meal Doesn’t hamburgers and baked beans sound like summer foods? I know it’s the spring season right now, but summer days are coming. If you ask me, I think spring and fall seasons don’t last long enough. I suppose that depends on what part of the USA or world you live in. But in East and Southeast Texas where it gets humid and the California desert where my cabin is, it gets hot too quick for me before summer arrives. I’d be happy for spring or fall days all year long. When the hottest part of summer comes around, cookingRead More →