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Having trouble losing weight?

If you have tried to lose weight and the scales say the same thing they always say or even creep up a little, don’t give up trying.

For months, I’ve been stuck on the same thing and really wanted to drop some pounds off. A couple months ago, I visited my daughter and her family. When I’m there, I like to cook for them and make special things for my little granddaughters. Well, I guess I indulged too much on the goodies (and I wasn’t even baking on that visit). My clothes started to fit uncomfortably. By the time I came back to my house where there are scales, I wouldn’t even weigh the first day or two. Finally, I weighed. Yep. I gained five pounds. That was it. I was determined to do something different to lose some weight.

My husband, Mr. Fun, has been on a no bread, lots of protein, low sodium eating plan. I decided to join him – except that occasionally I eat bread. How is it that some people don’t care one way or the other if they have bread or not? I’m not that person. I care. There are some kinds of bread that are too hard to pass up. For instance, we went to eat at a buffet where the server brings hot rolls to your table. Mr. Fun doesn’t even glance at it. Me? I glance at it every time I look up from my plate. We went to that buffet a few days ago, and sure enough, the hot rolls were set in front of us. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I cut a very small piece off of the edge, put some butter on it, and enjoyed all three tiny bites. Then I pushed the basket of bread away from me.

Hot Rolls








Three-Hour-a-Day Meals

Oh, yeah, we’re doing the eating-every-three-hour thing, too. I’ve been doing without extras that I allowed myself before. I eat tons of protein and low carbohydrates, drink a lot of water, stay away from bread (well, most of the time), and eat every three hours. Since I started cutting back on certain foods and eating less (about the beginning of April), I have noticed a difference.

A friend and I were discussing my new eating plan a few days ago. She asked, “What do you eat?” I sent her photos of some of the foods. Here are some of the foods I like:

  • Cottage Cheese Doubles – 6 g protein for one serving/carton
  • Celery dipped in salsa, peanut butter, or dressing – 7 or 8 g protein for two tablespoons
  • McDonald’s egg/sausage/cheese McMuffin (and I eat only one slice of the bread or none) – 19 g protein (WOW! It has lots of sodium, but you cut some of that out when you leave off the bread)
  • McDonald’s egg/sausage McGriddle (again, no bread or one slice – they’re actually good without the bread) – 20 g protein (again, WOW!)
  • Seven raw almonds with fruit or with celery and a dip or salsa – not a lot of protein, 1.79 g, but hey, it’s something
  • Hamburger patty – 21.08 g protein if the patty is 85% lean and 1/4 pound
  • Beef sausage (you really have to watch the sodium. But the sausage is so good that it’s worth only eating a portion. Check the sausage package, but it can be 4-7 g protein.
  • Small yellow potatoes (see my recipe at the end of this blog post) – 3 g protein
  • Cole slaw, homemade – about 2 g protein
  • Two eggs, one pan sausage for breakfast or lunch – altogether, these come up to 18 g protein

Those are a few things I don’t get tired of having over and over. One is an egg breakfast. I could eat eggs any time of the day cooked any way – like yesterday. I had brunch with eggs and mini BBQ potatoes.

Mini BBQ Golden Potatoes


Earlier, I’d had a serving of Cottage Cheese Doubles. When I can, I fix an omelet or two fried eggs early. But this particular day I skipped out on the early-morning eggs. The brunch I had consisted of:

The brunch I had consisted of:

  • one scrambled egg
  • one pan sausage
  • a large spoonful of homemade coleslaw
  • 3 mini golden Slow Cooker & BBQ Potatoes
Egg, Sausage, and BBQ Potato Brunch

Those five items came up to about 18+ grams of protein. That is one example of how I’ve added protein to my diet. It does make a difference. I stepped on the scales yesterday and had lost 13 pounds since the beginning of April. It’s enough to inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing.

What about you? Which foods with protein do you enjoy? Hey, share your exciting recipes loaded with protein.



  1. Those potatoes sound delicious. I imagine that the barbecue sauce and time on the grill makes them extra delicious.

    1. Author

      It’s amazing what the brush of BBQ sauce did for the potatoes!!! The potatoes aren’t saturated with the sauce, but the first bite you take gives you a definite hint of grilled barbecue flavor. Mmmmm!!

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