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Sweet Watermelon

What is the meaning of Memorial Day – other than eating watermelon? It’s a holiday to remember all who lost their lives for our freedom. I like what I heard at church Sunday. Soldiers sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and the way we can thank them is to love life and enjoy it. So that’s what my family and I did on Memorial Day weekend – love and enjoy life.

Loving life and enjoying it always includes the kitchen. You’re either preparing the food, eating, or cleaning the kitchen.

Our holiday weekend began early on Thursday evening when my husband and I pulled into the truck stop that would be his big rig’s home over the holiday weekend. Our youngest daughter and her family live nearby. My daughter picked me up that evening, and my husband joined us the next day.

My little granddaughters didn’t know my husband and I were coming. I walked in to find Big Sis coming to the door. When she saw me, her surprised expression and huge smile welcomed me. Next, she invited me to her room to show me something. But then Little Sis walked over to me in her cute toddler waddle with a big smile that indicated she recognized this older version of her mommy. My daughter added to the welcome by preparing a delectable sweet and spicy chicken and vegetable stir-fry. Smiles, hugs, and food gave me a great welcome.

The next morning I awoke to, “I’m hungry. I want toast and pancakes. Do you want toast and pancakes?” Big Sis said.

I said, “I’m hungry, too. Who is going to cook the toast and pancakes?”

“You are.”

I laughed. “Okay, let’s go fix some toast.”

“Mom,” my daughter added to the conversation, “I give her toast while I make her oatmeal.”

Little Sis joined us and had a juicy baby food packet while waiting on the oatmeal.

Finally, I brought the oatmeal to the table along with a slice of toast for myself and sat down to eat with Big Sis and to feed Little Sis her oats. Big Sis had asked for toast with peanut butter (she remembered that I do that for her when I’m visiting), but I asked her what her mommy puts on her toast. “Jelly,” she said.

“Let’s fix it like Mommy does.”

“Okay,” she agreed.

When Big Sis finished her oatmeal, I noticed her eyeing my toast. I’ve learned her game. I didn’t offer her some of mine but just waited as I continued eating my breakfast.

“Can I have some of your toast?” she asked.

“But this is my piece.”

“Can I have some of yours?”

How could I resist? I was almost finished with my toast but let her have the rest of it. She didn’t mind that it was only a bite or two but was just happy to have more toast.

The long weekend went fast, and I don’t recall every meal. Sunday evening’s meal was my favorite. Breakfast. My favorite meal any time of the day. My husband and I cooked maple breakfast sausage and egg and cheese omelet burritos. It was the funniest time, too, because Little Sis has discovered the difference between baby food and the food that the grownups eat. She has adapted. When she noticed any one of us eating, she followed us and wanted some even though she had already eaten her baby food. She ate an egg, a bowl of strawberries, a bite of her mom’s raisin toast and a few more bites after she had baby food. A growing spurt. Maybe. But she definitely loves big people’s tasty food.

Little Sis had shown us her interest in food Saturday evening when we attended an event. My husband got nachos. When he sat down by me, she turned and stared at the nachos. He didn’t want to tempt her with them because she’s too little to eat nachos, so he moved behind us a ways. She turned to look at where he had gone with her mouth wide open as if to say, “You dared to take the food away from me?”

Memorial Day as a beautiful day, perfect for grilling. Besides watermelon chunks (sweetest watermelon I’ve had in a long time), our lunch consisted of:

  • strawberries – Luscious-looking and I didn’t even get one.
  • blackberries – The berries were added to a punch.
  • chips and salsa – Wow! That was yummy homemade salsa. It is similar to the kind I make but had line and cumin, two ingredients I usually don’t include.
  • grilled beef fajitas and sausage links – good fajitas but that sausage!! The guys did an awesome job grilling – and my husband, always the grilling king at home, got to sit and watch.
  • macaroni salad – great salad that was pre-made from the grocery store
  • coleslaw – another recipe from me (see below)
  • Bush’s baked beans with barbecue sauce added
  • tortillas
  • brownies made by a young lady who babysits for my daughter and son-in-law and their friends – She is a fabulous cook already and spoils them all with her baking talent.

My daughter and her family and their friends took the girls to play at the beach Memorial Day afternoon, and my husband and I left.  There is one thing about the holiday I would change if I could. I would have brought all the leftover sausage for dinner on the truck. Hmmm. That gives me an idea for a meal in our over-the-road trucking kitchen. Stay tuned.


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  1. This is a great post and we will love your coleslaw! Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend!
    Miz Helen

  2. I always use sugar, mayo, and vinegar in my coleslaw, but I have never used relish. Will have to give it a try.

    As for little sis wanting real food….have you tasted baby food? Teens in my area do a blindfolded baby food challenge. You have to guess what it is. It’s nearly impossible except for the fruit ones. I say give the kid a soggy chip from the bottom of the nachos.

    1. Author

      I did taste one of hers and am not surprised she’d rather eat what we eat.

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