Remember the hot dog recipe I blogged about last time? In case you didn’t see it yet, the special southern style dog includes a vegetable. Trying hard to incorporate veggies for easy family meals that your children won’t roll their eyes at? Make this meal fun for your children or grandchildren by asking them to set the table for you. The older ones can be chopping up the pickles unless you go the easy route with a jar of pickle relish. Speaking of relish, let me tell you about a pickle and ham roll-up snack I convinced my two granddaughters to taste.

Pickle Snack
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Grandmas like me dare to entice their grandchildren with different snacks and lunches like my East Texas Style Hot Dogs and Purple Hull Peas. How else are we to carry on our old-fashioned food traditions in the family?

By the way, I have the verdict on my grandchildren’s opinion of the hot dogs with purple hull peas. They loved the hot dogs and peas!!…but served separately. Hey, I felt like jumping up and down with excitement that they wanted to eat the peas. Actually, I was amazed at how much they enjoyed the purple hulls. They even asked for seconds. Now you know this meal is worthy of trying if the kids liked it. So now it’s your turn to make it. Oh, and don’t forget the pickles – the bread and butter kind. Then choose a dill pickle brand you like to make the pickle snacks ahead of time so that you can serve them as a side for the hot dogs. Now you can please all at your table who love sweet or dill pickles.

My five-year-old granddaughter is the oldest of my three grands who visited my husband and me a few days ago. I read about Ham Rollups at and knew I had to make them. My two granddaughters ate ten of them, enough proof for me that this snack needs to go in my recipe file.

At first, Grand #1 looked at the rolled-up pickles and made a face combined with special sound effects.

“But you haven’t even tried one yet. How can you say, “Eeh!?” I asked her.

She looked at the snacks, smiled, and put one in her mouth. She grinned and grabbed another one and more. Her sister joined her, and together, they finished off the bowl of rolled-up pickles. I would say Pickle & Ham Roll-Up Snacks were definitely a success at my house – at least with my grand littles. When my daughter picked up the children, she tried one. Just one. She wasn’t grossed out but neither highly impressed. However, she comes up with clever appetizers for special events for the organization she works for. If I happen to impress her with my savory side dishes, I feel like she has made my day.

So when you make hors d’oeuvres, it’s a great idea to offer a variety of them for your family or guests. Otherwise, you might have a platter of leftover ham and pickle roll-ups. In my case, the pickle yummies disappeared quite quickly.

And here’s the Pickle and Ham Roll-Up Snack recipe:

Pickle Snack

Easy ham roll-ups with pickles in the middle

Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 2


  • 2 slices Uncured Ham Lunchmeat
  • 2 tbsp Cream Cheese Approx. 1 tbsp per ham slice
  • 2 Organic Kosher Dill Pickles Medium to large


  1. Soften cream cheese until spreadable.

  2. Spread approximately one tablespoon of cream cheese on each ham slice.

  3. Place a pickle on top of each ham slice near the edge.

  4. Roll the pickle inside the ham slice, then cut 4 large slices (or 6 small).

  5. The ends tend to come undone if sliced too small.

  6. The cream cheese holds the pickles and ham together, but you can insert a toothpick into each one if serving for guests' appetizers.

Try additional roll-up ideas such as the ones listed below:

  • Mix in a little Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (Robert’s Reserve brand) with the cream cheese then spread onto ham slices before placing the pickle inside.
  • Substitute uncured chicken lunchmeat if you do not like ham.
  • Use sweet pickles rather than dill.
  • Don’t want meat? Make tortilla, cream cheese, and refried bean roll-ups.

What other roll-ups have you made? I’d love to hear about your roll-up snack ideas. Got a moment? Make my day, and leave me a comment. I love to hear from my readers.

Happy Friday!


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