Give a dark or white chocolate popcorn gift – you can even make it sugar free. Popcorn gift giving is good throughout the year.

When you prepare this crazy-good snack to give away, either make tons of it or keep everybody out of the kitchen. It’s that good.

White Chocolate Popcorn for Potluck

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My cousin asked me to participate in a youth Christmas potluck event. Not sure what to make, I got the chocolate popcorn idea from my daughter. She told me about a white chocolate popcorn with sprinkles she had made once and said it was really good.

I chose red and green sprinkles for the festive Christmas youth potluck. The kids loved the popcorn – and I did, too.

Chocolate-Drizzled Sugar-Free Popcorn Treats 

I purchased sugar-free chocolate morsels at the grocery store as I was shopping for the ingredients for the popcorn treats. Different than using almond bark, the sugar-free kind (sweetened by Stevia) has a thicker texture. It works, though, and tastes delicious.

Your diabetic family members will appreciate you for the Stevia-sweetened holiday treats. I purposely chose the Stevia morsels so that the diabetics in my family could also enjoy delicious chocolate popcorn goodies. Surprisingly, one of my young cousins (not a diabetic) liked the Stevia-sweetened popcorn treats better than the white chocolate popcorn. 

Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn

popcorn with chocolate

Course Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword snacks
Servings 10
Calories 184 kcal


  • 1 box Butter & Sea Salt Skinnygirl Popcorn 10 mini bags
  • 1 pkg Great Value Almond Bark package, Vanilla, 24 oz. white chocolate


  1. Pop three mini bags of popcorn and lay flat on a large cookie sheet.

  2. Melt the almond bark (melt half the package for 3-4 bags of popcorn) in a microwave-safe dish.

  3. Drizzle (liberallythe melted chocolate on all of the popcorn, using a spoon.

  4. When cooled, fill gift bags with the chocolate drizzled popcorn, tie the bags, or fold and seal with a sticker.

Recipe Notes

If you prefer to cover the popcorn with a lot of the white chocolate and you plan to pop all ten mini bags of popcorn, you may want to purchase two bags of the almond bark.

The 184 calories include 24 calories for 6 tablespoons of the almond bark.

For sugar-free chocolate popcorn, the only difference is that you use sugar-free chocolate morsels. The best is one sweetened with Stevia. Lily's brand has one with milk chocolate sweetened with Stevia.

I chose to mix in M&M’s with the drizzled popcorn and loved it. But if you’re making the treat only for a diabetic, perhaps you could mix in pecan, cashew, or walnut pieces. These festive chocolate-drizzled popcorn treats make ideal Christmas gifts and holiday treats to bring to potluck gatherings.

Enjoy snacking!


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