Hi, y’all! I’m Angie, the home chef at Kitchen Southern Hospitality, and here’s a little about me:

  1. I’m from Texas.
  2. I’m married to Greg who makes the best-ever grilled ribeye steaks.
  3. I’m a mom and a grandmother.
  4. I’m a PK (that’s “Preacher’s Kid”)
  5. I love cooking with my grandkids.
  6. I love Southern food.
  7. My favorite meal is breakfast.
  8. My favorite dessert is chocolate meringue pie.
  9. My favorite steak is ribeye.
  10. Eating bread makes me happy.
  11. I love entertaining and showing cozy hospitality to family and guests with delicious food, coffee, and hot tea.
  12. I love to create new recipes from what’s on hand in my kitchen.

Fun Fact About Me:

I lived in an RV for nearly ten years while traveling across the U.S.A. with my husband and daughter.  I also traveled in a big rig with my husband, and we cooked meals in his small slow cooker.

FOOD is a four-letter word everybody loves!

Angie, Kitchen Hospitality

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