Get ready for fall comfort food with root vegetables that look and taste good. I mean, who doesn’t like potatoes and carrots? Kids even like to munch on carrot sticks.

Treat your family with a hearty stew or soup with vegetables like carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, turnips, garlic, and ginger. What’s great about these type of vegetable dishes is they are flavored with natural juices. Season with your favorite herbs and spices for a delicious meal for your family and guests.

Make a Stew with Fingerling Potatoes

My daughter makes a vegetable soup with root vegetables with fingerlings, small potatoes. These little purple, red, and white potatoes taste delicious served over brown rice. Use white rice if lyou don’t care for brown rice.

List of Root Vegetable Recipes

Vegetables don’t always show up on the top list of everyone’s grocery list. If you fit in this group of people, consider cooking with root vegetables. Check out the following vegetable recipe ideas.

  1. Chicken & Root Vegetable Pasties – The first time I ate a pasty was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I thought it was a dessert, but it was a pot pie. That area is known for the delicacy. Pasties my family and I ate during our visits to the state mostly consisted of meat and potatoes.
  2. Vegetable Spiral Tart – The photo of this recipe looks beautiful and very good that I am eager to try it. Plus, the crust looks flaky which makes me even more certain that this is an excellent recipe.
  3. Beat, Parsnip, Sweet Potato, and Squash Chips – A recipe that looks totally yummy! Like chips? Try this as a substitute for chips with high calories and fat.
  4. Roasted Fall Vegetable & Ricotta Pizza – See how to make a ricotta pizza with root vegetables. You can also make this with flatbread.
  5. Polenta Bowls with Roasted Vegetables and Fried Eggs – A delightful dish. Make it a meal for brunch, lunch, or dinner.
  6. Roasted Root Salad – A refreshing way to eat vegetables!

Use the list of root vegetable recipes above, or try creating your own. See more vegetable recipes below by Kitchen Southern Hospitality.




  1. I haven’t had a pastie, but that recipe sounds delicious. This is a great collection of root vegetable recipes. Thanks for sharing.

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