Fall Tablescape Ideas

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What foods and decor items do you like to include in your fall tablescapes? I love these:

  • Lazy Susans – Handy for hospitality and decorating the tablescape.
  • Burlap & Candles – Brings out the rustic cabin look that I admire with scented candles. The more candles the better. Ahhh!
  • Apples & Pumpkins – Gotta have these for fall decor…fresh apples, MacIntosh Apple Candles (the best!).
  • Candy Corn & Spanish Peanuts Medley with Mini Pumpkins – This one’s a sentimental holiday must do for me. It brings back fond memories of my paternal grandmother.
  • A Dish of Nuts and a Nutcracker – Do you collect nutcrackers? There are so many fun ones to make a tablescape with. This one is a holiday favorite of mine.
  • Painted Pumpkins – Add your toddler’s (or grand-toddler’s) artsy pumpkins as a fall tablescape.
  • Monopoly Boards – Fand winter holidays in my family have included a Monopoly game on many occasions. Collect Monopoly boards for a vintage look.
  • and whatever else strikes my fancy

Lazy susans are fun to do tablescapes on and quite handy to use on a table. My mother kept one on our table for years. When I found one at a yard sale for $5, I just had to get it.

I went on a Pinterest fall tablescape tour and discovered that white pumpkins are particularly popular. I liked several of the decor styles. Painted acorns is an idea I came across that I hadn’t thought of using for decorating the table before. Listed below are links to several tablescapes from rustic to elegant. Enjoy!

Seriously, I could list several more. There are gorgeous tablescapes on Pinterest, and each one stirs up warm feelings of fall, family and friends, and the holidays.

Changing a table setting often inspires the heart. Elegant, rustic, country, vintage styles – I love them all. Mixing in the things I love makes me feel nostalgic in a good way. For instance, years ago my mother gave me a box of “Bread” full of little cards with scriptures on the front and back. Many times that bread box of verses has its place on the table setting. It reminds me of Mother’s prayers for me. When I’m missing her terribly and wishing I could talk to her (she’s been gone since 2008), I take one of those cards and read the scriptures.

When inviting a friend over for lunch or dinner, candles are often placed on a tray and lit up with a scented welcome as they walk through the door. If they can leave feeling encouraged with their spirits lifted up, then decorating a tablescape just for them fills me with joy.








  1. Thank you! I had the best time on the Tablescape tour. So many lovely ideas.

  2. I love the pumpkins and candles in your picture. I think my two favorites that you linked to are the books with the pumpkins in a frame, and the hydrangeas and pumpkins. Thanks for sharing your tablescape finds very inspiring.

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