A Fall Tablescape with Candy Corn

One of the best Halloween candies is candy corn. In my opinion, that is. My paternal grandmother always kept them in a little kitchen drawer. Every time I went to visit her, I would head for that drawer. If there was no candy corn there, I would find butterscotch candy instead. But I preferred the candy corn. Still today, I have to buy at least one bag of candy corn each year for Halloween.

A friend told me about a different way to serve candy corn. Add Spanish peanuts. I had never tried that before, so I thought why not. I love it because the candy is so sweet, and the added peanuts create a sweet and salty mixture.

This weekend I went with my daughter, Chrissie, and granddaughter to buy groceries. Candy corn and Spanish peanuts ended up on my list of must haves. The store they shop at either does not carry Spanish peanuts, or they hide them carefully because I couldn’t find them. I opted for roasted dry peanuts (less salt).

My daughter and son-in-law hadn’t heard of the candy mixture before. It was his birthday, and we had quite the snacks and sweets. He likes banana chips and a variety of other munchies. Here are a few of the items (not the ideal nutritious menu) we ended up with to enjoy his birthday:

  1. candy corn
  2. peanuts
  3. banana chips
  4. salted caramel chocolate cupcakes
  5. wings from Wingstop
  6. root vegetable soup

Chrissie picked out Pink Lady apples (they’re SOOO good) and had a pretty pumpkin at home that she had painted white. We had fun fixing up a tablescape with these foods that are my fall favorites.

Now the crazy thing is that there is currently a glitch or a mysterious dilemma with my media file on this blog (got any suggestions on how to remedy this problem?). So, I can’t display all of the tablescape pictures, pumpkins, and candy pics I took. However, they are on my Pinterest page if you would like to see them:

  • Candy Sucker Bouquet – Chrissie and my lil grand, Ivy, went to Starbucks for a girls’ night out. A young lady that sat near us had made this beautiful sucker bouquet. It was so pretty, so I just had to ask her if I could take a picture of it for my blog.
  • Toddler Painted Pumpkins (my lil granddaughter’s art)

Try out the candy corn and Spanish peanut mix. It’s colorful and is a fun Halloween snack to set out for visitors. I did that at a company I worked for, and I couldn’t keep it replenished fast enough.

Do you have a different twist on a candy mix for Halloween? Share your idea.


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  1. Very nice tablescape and a fun post. Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great day!
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  2. I love the candy corn and the combination of sweet and salty is always delicious. I headed over to pinterest, and I loved the other photos. Beautiful. I hope you get this media file thing fixed. It’s frustrating when the blog doesn’t work correctly.

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