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Save your grilled hamburgers – they make great hamburger leftover meals! Charcoal-grilled hamburgers are great for planning weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu meals.

Try these burger recipes: Napoleon Style Cheeseburger, Stacked-High Grilled Burger, Grilled Veggie-Packed Hamburgers. Charcoal-Grilled.Juicy.

Next time you grill hamburgers, save a couple for the next day’s breakfast or brunch. You might grill extra hamburgers because these breakfast muffins taste incredible, and they would be great to freeze for later.

Who would ever think of having a hamburger breakfast? My husband. He got the idea one Sunday morning and asked me what was for breakfast.

I had just been thinking about it and had egg, cheese, and sausage muffins in mind. He suggested using the hamburgers he had grilled the day before (they were the best ever).

It was a different take on hamburgers and breakfast, but we tried it and loved it.

Fried Egg Hamburger Leftover Breakfast

Incidentally, fried eggs and hamburger leftovers go very well together – and especially on breakfast muffins. Of course, you can serve the eggs on the side if you prefer.

Whichever way you go, this meal is packed full of protein. It’s the kind of entree that can carry you over all day.

If you’re like me and measure your food (I’m on the 21-Day Fix Container Plan and love it), just eat one egg (that’s a half 21-Day Fix protein serving) and a half serving of the hamburger patty.

Combined with the egg, the one-half patty adds up to one protein on the 21-Day Fix.

Are Muffins Bad for You?

Muffins can be bad for you. Depends on on what kind you eat.  However, one-half English muffin equals only one carb. Eat the whole muffin, and you’ll have two carbs (all I get in one day on my plan).

Carbs don’t tempt everyone, but I have to monitor them. If not, I can easily eat my share by mid-day before I’ve realized it. Others prefer to stay completely away from carbs.

I’m no nutritionist specialist. But before you beat yourself up over eating carbohydrates, read why you should be eating them at EatingWell.com

Hamburger Breakfast/Brunch Muffin Recipe

I fried the eggs (add a teaspoon of coconut oil) on my electric griddle, heated up the hamburgers with cheese in the microwave, and toasted the muffins. If you want a quick breakfast, this is the way to go.

Our egg, cheese, and hamburger breakfast muffins were on the table in no time. They taste good with strawberry fruit spread or Holmes Made Fruit Spread Peach Habanero.

Juicy, charcoal-grilled hamburgers are the best kind. For a variety of burger recipes, try these:

Grilled Hamburger Leftover Recipes

  1. Grilled Cheeseburger Soup for Two

    Cheeseburger Soup
    Grilled Cheeseburger Soup for Two
  2. Italian Spinach-Grilled Hamburger Open-Faced Sandwiches 

    Open-faced sandwiches
    Open-Faced Italian Sandwich

The next time you grill hamburgers, make extras for hamburger leftover recipes. Plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for a week.

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  1. If you sere the same breakfast deconstructed, you could call it a hamburger steak and eggs. I served hamburger steak to my kids one day and they asked why I had never made it for them before. They didn`t realize they were left over burgers from the day before.

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