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Shakeology Vanilla Strawberry Smoothie

Need to lose a few pounds and feel more healthy? I’m on a 30-day semi-vegetarian plan that includes eating vegetables, drinking a nutritious shake, and occasionally eating meat. One thing I did previous to trying this flexitarian challenge was to add a dietary supplement that helps with healthy digestion, supports healthy weight loss, and provides healthy energy. When I decided to go on a 30-day vegetarian plan for April, I wasn’t sure how I would do. However, I love vegetables and don’t mind skipping meat some days. In addition, I drink a great-tasting nutritious shake most days. A semi-vegetarian diet appealed to me more than vegetarian or vegan. And though I’ve never committed to being a vegetarian, making healthy choices is important to me.

Coffee Flavor, Vanilla, & Peanut Butter

Do you like coffee? I love drinking coffee every day. If I go two or three days without it, though, it’s not a big deal. The nutritious supplement I drink is coffee-flavored, and it has a great taste. I’ve also tried a vegan shake that has a good flavor as well. But since I’m following a semi-vegetarian diet this month, I’ll continue with my coffee flavor or my other go-to shake, vanilla.

The good thing about drinking a dietary supplement in the vanilla flavor is you can mix it with fruit. You can make it orange, banana, strawberry, or even peanut butter. Since I like peanut butter, many times I add a tablespoon of it even to my coffee-flavored drink. You have to love coffee and peanut butter for that, though. I think chocolate and peanut butter in a nutritious drink would taste great, too.

When I first discovered the dietary supplement I drink daily, I was feeling miserably bloated and felt awful with a digestion problem. I tried the drink two or three days when visiting a family member that a package of it on the counter. After trying it out for about three months, I started losing some weight. Now that surprised me as I wasn’t focusing on weight loss as a benefit to drinking the shake. Next, I began working out, and more pounds came off.

I’ll be honest with you, I like to eat. If I eat something that is really tasty, I’m tempted to have a second helping. And I like meat. However, I know that I don’t particularly miss meat on days that I don’t have it. Therefore, the choice to follow a semi-vegetarian diet (for at least a month) doesn’t seem too difficult.


You may prefer to only eat raw fresh vegetables, no meat, no dairy, and no dietary supplement drink or shake. And that’s your choice. On the other hand, I enjoy drinking my shake. I know that anytime there is some nutritious supplement people are trying, you can read all sorts of opinions about it. For me, Shakeology (the dietary supplement I like to drink) works. It may not be for you. But since I am blogging this month about my own semi-vegetarian plan, it includes drinking that certain product. I feel better when I drink the shake, and it’s part of my part-time vegetarian plan.

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