How to Order Eggs

Fried Egg, Sunny Side Up

How do you order your eggs: fried, boiled, poached or scrambled? Or maybe you like omelets. Knowing how to order eggs is harder than it should be. The next time you go out for breakfast, for instance, order fried eggs other than the typical four ways – sunny side up, over easy, over medium, and over hard. See what happens when you order over-medium-well fried eggs.

Imagine the following conversation after the server announces, “Two eggs, over-medium-well!

“Repeat that, please,” the chef requests.

“Two eggs, over-medium-well!”

“Incredulous! There is no such thing.”

The chef fries the eggs the way that seems easiest. The server returns to the customer with a beautiful plate of bacon, grits, buttered toast – and two over-easy eggs.

Will somebody please ask cooking schools to add another fried egg type in the cooking manual for chefs? Call it over-medium-well fried eggs. Add a description: the yolk is between medium and hard, not runny. Cook it on one side first, then flip it over for another minute or two. The yolk is soft and somewhat liquidy, but it is set and doesn’t break open at the least little shake.

Your comfort food list might include runny over-easy eggs that you mixed in with pancakes and syrup as a child. That’s the way your mother cooked breakfast. Continuing to eat fried eggs like that brings sweet memories to you. Keep eating them by all means. Comfort foods bring us joy. Perhaps you are the adventurous type, however, and would love to try out other ways of cooking eggs. Keep reading for more egg enlightenment.

13 Ways to Cook or Order Eggs

  1. Fried, Sunny Side Up
  2. Fried, Over Easy
  3. Fried, Medium
  4. Fried, Over Medium
  5. Fried, Over Medium Well
  6. Fried, Hard
  7. Soft Boiled
  8. Hard Boiled
  9. Soft Scrambled
  10. Scrambled
  11. Omelet (with as many variations as the restaurant offers)
  12. Poached
  13. Baked (not a popular restaurant option)

Fried Eggs

Cooking fried eggs can take some ingenuity. There is an art to it. Not all kitchens are equipped with the best skillets and fancy egg poachers or omelet pans. All you need is an electric skillet to fry the perfect eggs and some experimenting – like:

  • the old way – adding plenty of oil to scatter onto the egg with a spatula until a white film covers the yolk
  • frying on one side until the white part is firm and flipping it over to fry for firmer than over easy
  • frying on one side until the white isn’t runny, then placing a tin cup over the yolk that helps hold steam in to make the yolk cook faster (fun to try but is simpler just to flip over the egg)
  • frying on both sides until crispy and hard

Try out those four experiments to discover which you like best. You’ll probably come up with your own version. While you’re frying the eggs, chop up vegetables to add to the griddle. Eggs and veggies go great together. Protein is necessary, but so are the vegetables. If you don’t care for the vegetables with fried eggs, bake them. Recipes like Baked Baked Eggs Pepper Jack Florentine or Swiss Chard & Egg Stir Fry make great go-togethers for a breakfast.

Eggs can be boiled or scrambled without much difficulty yet will have a rubbery texture if cooked too long.

Boiled Eggs

Technically, boiled eggs can be boiled soft or hard. It’s simple to place them in cold water in a pot, heat to boiling, boil for five minutes, turn the burner off, place a lid on top of the pot, let sit for 20 minutes. The result is nice boiled eggs. But if you place the eggs in cold water until the water has nearly evaporated, expect some very hard-boiled eggs.

For more information on how to boil eggs just right, check out the four following articles. It’s amazing how many ways there are to boil eggs. In fact, it’s a science!

  1. How to Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time
  2. Perfect Boiled Eggs Recipe
  3. Perfect Boiled Eggs
  4. How Do You Want Your Eggs, 11 Ways to Cook an Egg


Elise Bauer’s recipe, Easy Poached Eggs, is one of the simplest ways to poach an egg. The egg in the photo used in her article looks absolutely perfect. Poaching an egg is probably healthier since no oil or butter are used. The process is basically cracking an egg in a cup and carefully placing it in simmering water.


People make scrambled eggs in interesting ways. Cook them soft with butter, and add cheese. Add milk and leave out the cheese. Fry pan sausage, drain the grease, and scramble some eggs in with the sausage. Make up your own scrambled egg recipe. Watch carefully when you scramble eggs so that they don’t turn out hard and scorched. Not even the dog would want them.


It helps to know how to cook omelets right. Otherwise, they resemble scrambled eggs. Eggs can be boiled or scrambled without much difficulty yet will have a rubbery texture if cooked too long.

Use creativity when building omelets. Add sliced hot dogs, left-over roast, meatloaf, vegetables, and top off with cheese if you prefer.

Omelets loaded with veggies and meat for extra protein make the best breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Omelet with Ham and Veggies and Fruit

Do you like to cook mostly on the stove, or do you use different types of appliances? Equipping the kitchen with an egg poacher and omelet pan can make cooking more convenient for the home chef who enjoys preparing breakfast for the family.

Who says you can only eat eggs for breakfast anyway?

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  1. I love eggs, too. My favorite is over easy or soft boiled. I love toast soldiers with my soft boiled eggs.

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      I do like soft-boiled eggs. So you like toast soldiers for dipping in the over-easy eggs, eh?

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