Keto cookies

Diabetics and overweight individuals can enjoy breads and treats like others when they learn how to eat healthier with keto foods. Just ask Keto Couple’s Kitchen.

Keto Food Stores
Keto Couple’s Kitchen

How many keto-friendly food restaurants or stores are in your city? There’s one in Lufkin, Texas. And they even make maple-bacon donuts – always was my fav until I ate their German Chocolate donut.

My mother’s German Chocolate cake was my very most favorite cake in my younger days. So my interest was piqued when I saw this new donut option at Keto Couple’s Kitchen. D-e-l-I-c-I-o-u-s.

Keto Couple’s Kitchen makes me – and a whole lot of other people (I know because the place is always busy) happy.

Keto Couple’s Kitchen is across from a McDonald’s. And if you love McGriddles like me but are trying to cut carbs, it’s so convenient to pull right into Keto Couple’s Kitchen and enjoy their low-carb version of the breakfast sandwich.

Keto Grocery Shopping

I do grocery shopping for customers through Instacart. I find it interesting because keto-friendly foods that I haven’t noticed before or cooked with often show up on individuals’ lists. Of course, I make note and add them to my own grocery shopping list.

Keto Kid-Friendly Foods

Make a kid in your life happy with keto kid-friendly goods such as chocolate chip, macadamia nut, and cowboy cookies. Yep, Keto Couple’s Kitchen makes all three. I purchased ten and got two free ones, a dozen to take to my grandchildren I’m going to visit. I can’t wait for them to try them.

Keto cookies
Keto Cookies

My daughter is on a mission to cut down on the children’s unhealthy foods. But a kid’s gotta have a treat, you know. And when Grummy (my version of “Grandma”) comes for a visit, the grands eagerly ask what I brought them this time. LOL, it is SO fun to spoil them. And there’s no feeling bad about it when I’ve brought them keto treats.

Want Keto recipe suggestions?

Check out my leftover steak recipe ideas.

Or if you enjoy smoothies, my Keto-adaptable smoothies are easy to make and healthy to boot.

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Beet & Berry Smoothie

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