Looking for the best summer kitchen appliances for cooking? Shop on Amazon for summer deals.

Handy kitchen gadgets make preparing meals easier for the newbie, but they also help out an oldie who’s cooked for years. After several years, appliances become worn and need upgrading. Or aging happens, and your fingers don’t grasp as easily as before.

Whatever your kitchen shopping need, you can quickly locate it online and have it shipped to you without having to go out in the summer heat. 

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Kitchen Southern Hospitality is featuring various lists during the month of August, and today’s is “My Favorite Summer Kitchen Appliance Sales on Amazon.”

My husband and I have been married for 41 years. We’ve lived in an apartment, RV, a duplex, and houses. Through those years, I’ve greatly appreciated cooking with convenient kitchen appliances. We’ve had ovens that stopped working. But cooking was made easy with an electric skillet, a griddle, slow cooker, and other appliances.

You’d think that by now, I’d be set in my ways and not want more kitchen cooking gadgets. Wrong.

Hey, I’m all in when it comes to trying out a new appliance to make cooking easy.

The following deals are listed on Amazon today for a limited time. However, these appliances are great to have in a kitchen whether on sale or not.

You can get by without an air fryer. But if you have one, you find out how easy it is to cook a quick meal.


COSORI Air Fryer

  • 5.8 qt.
  • 11 presets
  • Nonstick Basket
  • 1700W
  • Serves Food for 3-5 People
  • Sale Price (limited time) $99.98 (regular price $119.99)

Why I would like to purchase this air fryer:

It serves food for more than two people. I cooked grilled cheese sandwiches on one that serves food for two people and had planned to buy one like it. But since I’m often cooking for more than my husband and myself (like for our three grandkids who visit), the 5.8 quart Cosori fryer looks ideal. Two more reasons I’d like to have this one: it’s red, and it’s on sale today.

Everyone needs food storage containers. Check out this Chef’s Path Airtight set:

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Things I like about this set:

  • 7 PC Set
  • Labels & Marker
  • Kitchen & Pantry Organization Containers
  • Sale Price (limited time) $33.97 (regular price $39.97)


Why I like this container set:

Kitchen Southern Hospitality includes several blog posts about cooking from what’s on hand in the pantry. Organizing the pantry is crucial to being able to open the pantry and not have to search for ingredients.

Like coffee? A French press is the handiest way to make coffee for one or two people.

Don’t like coffee? The French press coffee maker will delight your guests who love to drink coffee. Keep a little coffee on hand in the pantry, and your guests will be grateful.

French Press Coffee Maker

  • Glass 34-oz
  • Filters grounds
  • Sale: $14.99 (Regular Price $16.99)

Why I would love this French press:

I love my French Press. It’s a different brand than this one but is very similar.

Perfect for one or two people.


Frustrated with manual or electreic can openers that stop working right? Currently, I have an electric one that’s impossible. I keep telling myself it’s time to buy another one – like this Kitchen Mama brand:

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

  • Easy to use: push a button to turn it on, and push a button to stop it.
  • Description indicates it can open any cans
  • Good for older people with arthritis
  • Sale price $24.88 (Regular price $27.00)

Why I would buy this can opener:

The electric one I have doesn’t open any can easily.

Kitchens need to be equipped with a good blender.

How long have you had your blender? I’ve used the same blender that was given to my hubby and me for a wedding gift.

As you can see, it’s got much wear and tear from many years of use. The metal plate where the brand name is scraped and scratched so much that some of the words aren’t readable.

Blender – Wedding Gift (41+ Years Old)

That awesome blender lasted over 41 years. The craziest thing is I don’t want to throw it away – and I’m not a hoarder.

What uses can you think of for a non-working blender (other than trashing it)?

Shopping for a blender? Amazon lists the following blender with a 7% off (not sure how long that sale will last):

Features include:

  • 70-oz pitcher – great for families and entertaining
  • Pulse function for quick ice crushing
  • Good for making smoothies, shakes, sauces, soups, vegetables, fruits
  • Sale price: $83.99 (regular price $89.99)


Please note that the list of my favorite appliance items above may not be the lowest priced kitchen appliances you’ll find on Amazon. However, they include several features I was looking for.

Things to consider when shopping for good kitchen appliances:

  1. Features
  2. Reviews
  3. Where item was made
  4. Warranty

Electric pressure cooker is one item I did not list in the favorite appliances as an Amazon summer deal. There is one, though, that I love made by Farberware. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed cooking with it.

Cooking is Fun with a Pressure Cooker

Check out my most popular ribeye recipe cooked in the pressure cooker:

Ribeye and Mushrooms

Ribeye steak pressure cooker recipe
Ribeye Steaks and Mushrooms Cooked in a Pressure Cooker


If you like ribeye and mushrooms, try the ribeye and onions:

Ribeye & Onion Pressure Cooker Meal with Broccoli & Sweet Potatoes



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