Tablescaping is especially fun when enjoying the experience with grandchildren in February during Valentine’s Day.

Decorating Tablescapes and Kitchen Hospitality with Grandchildren

Decorating Tablescapes reminds me of my granddaughters’ own play-like kitchen hospitality. They love to serve a platter of make-believe cupcakes, cake, cookies or pancakes to my hubby and me. The girls also love to help me bake, and oh what fun we have. Such fun baking with grandchildren actually introduces them to ways of showing hospitality in the home.

This photo is from a cupcake-baking evening with one of my little granddaughters:

Cupcake Decorating by My Grandddaughter

Here we are making pancakes together:

Little girls who bake
Making pancakes with little granddaughters

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Like my grand littles, I have fun “playing like” I’m having a tea party, mismatching cups, saucers, and plates.

Red and black Tablescape
February 2020 Tablescaping Fun

Actually, I am planning a real tea party, a tea/brunch bridal shower in the spring. But in this blog post, I’ve included photos taken when my “Sweet Little” granddaughter came for a visit the weekend just after Valentine’s Day. She’s the eldest of three siblings, and it was her turn to come to Grummy’s and Grumpy’s house for a visit.

Christmas Holiday Planning in February

Christmas 2019 was extended at our house to February 1st, 2020. As children marry and their schedules become hectic, sometimes families need to plan celebrations before or after the holiday itself.

Since we had our Christmas with our youngest daughter, her husband, and their three children in February, the Christmas tree was still up but with added hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Christmas tree in February
Christmas Tree Decorated for Valentine’s Day

Table Decorating with a Basket of Tea Bags

While I rearranged the table decor, Sweet Little gave me her opinion on what looked best. The round platter setting changed from a heart basket with tea bags…

Valentine Table Decor
February Heart Basket Table Decor

to a vintage framed needlework piece, candles, and a glass heart my hubby gave me a few Valentines ago:

February Table Decor
Tablescaping February 2020 with My Granddaughter

The glass heart from my hubby:

Valentine glass heart
My Heart Valentine Gift

Then we decided to set the basket of napkins on one side with the two candles:

Black and white plaid basket of napkins
February Tablescaping with Black and White Plaid

I believe I found the basket at Home Goods. The napkins were purchased at Belk’s.

We placed the heart basket (a vintage item I picked up at an antique shop in California) of tea bags on the other side of the platter:

February Tablescape
Decorating a February Dining Table with My Granddaughter

Stock up on a variety of herbal and other teas in your kitchen. Guests will enjoy being able to relax with a soothing hot cup of tea. Shop at your local supermarket, or make it easy on yourself and order all kinds of teas from Amazon and have them shipped directly to your home.

Try this black currant tea. It is a black tea but tastes really good. I like to add French vanilla creamer to mine.

When it comes to keeping caffeine-free and herbal teas available in my kitchen, I always have some Tazo flavors on hand. My favorite flavors are the wild orange and lemon loaf flavors that Tazo offers.

Tazo flavors:

Black currant tea:

The red table runner was purchased from Home Goods, and the white lace on top was purchased at a local antique store.

After the decor in the center of the table was decided on, individual tea settings were placed on the table. An eclectic mismatch look was chosen. After all, part of the fun of hostessing a tea party is in displaying unique cups for guests.

These two teacup and saucer sets are favorites purchased at an antique shop in Southern California.

The Cafe Latte Teacup


Black and white teacup
A favorite black and white teacup/saucer

And this one is definitely a mismatched set – black cup and a saucer and Fiesta plate I inherited from my mom’s dish collection:

Black Teacup Mismatch Set

The visit with my granddaughter was much fun for both of us. We couldn’t let the days go by, of course, without a trip to the zoo.

Zoo trip
Zoo Trip with my Granddaughter
Kids Train ride
Train Ride at the Zoo

Combining a February tablescaping day with my granddaughter and a trip to the zoo was so much fun. For her, the zoo part of the day was the best.

Making memories with my grandchildren gives my heart joy. Decorating a dining table may not show up on your grandchildren’s list of fun things to do. Nonetheless, they will remember sometime in their lives that you included them when you baked, set a festive table, or served special foods.

Like vintage tablescapes? Check out my mix and match vintage table decor and an apple pie recipe.

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