Black Angus Beef
Black Angus Hamburger

Eat a little. Weigh a little.

Eat a lot. Weigh a lot.

What thoughts do the saying, “You are what you eat”, trigger in you? The question has value and can make a difference in the food you consume. Think of the last time you ate a Black Angus hamburger. Did you feel healthy and strong or miserably stuffed for three days?

Celebrate your birthday all month

I celebrated my January all month, and I splurged  – on that day and several days afterward. My oldest brother came to visit one day and brought pure Black Angus beef from the family ranch. He said, “If it’s true that you are what you eat, then you’re stubborn because this cow was stubborn. He didn’t want to go through the gate to where we were giving cattle shots. He went down – and died.”

Black Angus cows
Black Angus

No doubt, the poor cow was frightened. He ate a healthy diet of hay, grass, and some supplement with cattle cubes, including a little corn. Of course, he didn’t realize that had he not fought so hard, he would still be part of the herd.

cattle ranching
The Herd

The hamburger was very lean (Black Angus cows are known for being good lean beef) and tasted amazing (you can see I’m not a vegan or vegetarian).  Splurging at this particular meal meant I ate more than just a hamburger patty. I ate cheese, nutritious lettuce and tomato – AND hamburger buns (even though I know they make me feel bloated). The next day I had gained THREE pounds! It had to be those hamburger buns!

Black Angus hamburger
Black Angus Beef

One of my aunts, whom my brother and I invited to our hamburger dinner, is petite and eats like a bird. Her plate always looks like she’s at a food tasting party. I tell her she eats like one bird, and I eat like three birds. She jokingly remarked near the end of the month, “You still have two more days to celebrate your birthday, so go eat some more cake.”

My tiny aunt’s husband, the last of my mother’s seven brothers, died two days before my birthday last month. His favorite cake was strawberry, so I made a strawberry cake for the family. When a family loses a loved one in the South where we live, it’s a common practice for friends and neighbors to bring food. Not only did we have strawberry cake. The table was full of many delicious desserts – and fried chicken and the best green beans. That wasn’t all, but it’s what I remember.

Include your grandchildren in the birthday cake planning

Since I wanted to attend my uncle’s funeral, my husband and I agreed to celebrate my birthday with our youngest daughter, her husband, and their children. The oldest is a girl, five years old. She loves pink and strawberry. I made another strawberry cake (for my own birthday) and brought it. Funny thing is she cried. “I thought you were going to make a cake with me and we were going to celebrate my birthday (hers is in November, and she had a party) and your birthday,” she said.

Well, guess what! I returned the next time with a store-bought cake mix and icing (I think it was Pillsbury Funfetti) so my little granddaughters could help me bake a cake. We didn’t get to make it that time. Soon, though, I made sure we baked that yummy cake. They got to help me stir, pour, and ice the cake. They even helped me blow out my candles, too many (as it was my 60th birthday) for me to blow out by myself.


celebrating birthdays with grandchildren
Celebrating my birthday with family

Birthday celebrations are made extra special when you include your grandchildren in putting the candles on the cake and blowing them out together.

celebrating birthdays with grandchildren
Birthday Celebrations with the Grands

Celebrate your birthday in 2018 all month long. Enjoy it with family or friends. Splurge a little (or a lot), and have a hamburger occasionally – even with the hamburger buns.

Grandmas and grandpas, have fun enjoying your birthday cake with your grandchildren – they will EAT it up!


  1. You get to celebrate your birthday all month long? My family restricts my celebrating to only one week. I’m jealous!. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your uncle. I’m glad you were able to share his favorite cake with the family. I imagine that you find great comfort in your grandchildren.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment. LOL, I did last month – but only because I turned 60! Let me tell you, celebrating all month is hard on a body. All that cake! 🙂 Yes, my grandchildren bring me much joy!!

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