What would you do with an extra $10,

$20, or more weekly?


If your pockets aren’t jingling as much by the end of every month, think about cutting back on your weekly grocery bill.

grocery budgeting
July & August $25 Grocery Budgeting

Think you can’t feed your family for less than $100 per week? I challenge you to cut that in half. In fact, you can do even better. Try at least for one month spending only $25 weekly for groceries. Seriously, it can be done. You just need to become resourceful.

What Do You Mean


A little can go a long way if you use your resources. In other words, use what you’ve got. Plan your grocery shopping. See what is in the pantry. Then use your imagination to come up with nutritious recipes – like the recipe below, Eggs on a Bed of Bean Breakfast.

eggs and beans
Eggs & Beans for Breakfast

Choose organic foods. Yes, that’s right. Organic on a budget. It’s possible. Eating organically can help you feel better and save money in the long run by possibly preventing hospital bills later. If we eat sporadically without any care about what we put into our mouths, our bodies can pay for it later.

I like what Food Babe has to say about how to eat organic on a budget. I could give you all sorts of ideas on ways to eat organic, but I won’t. Go to foodbabe.com to learn more. She gives an enormous amount of information to help you learn how to afford organic foods at home in your kitchen, traveling, and growing your own garden.

Grow a Garden

No time to grow a garden? Start a small kitchen garden. Plant vegetables to make your own salsa and salads. Plant herbs for seasoning. No yard? Got a window in the kitchen or another room? Grow your own tomatoes and herbs. Do your diligence to research what organic foods you can grow.

What’s in the Pantry?

Resourceful is the same as creative. Making a list of pantry items I like to keep on hand is not helping you to be creative. So instead of typing a list of my kitchen items, take a moment right now to begin a list of foods you currently have in your kitchen. Look in your pantry – including your refrigerator and freezer.

Think of recipes you could create that will help save on groceries as you write down what you have in your pantry. When you are serious about cutting down the monthly grocery bill, you can do it. It might mean not eating meat every day. You may need to consider buying beans that you have to cook and not beans from a can. I used to buy canned beans but now enjoy cooking dry beans in my Farberware pressure cooker.

Eat Beans

Speaking of beans, I’m reminded of hobo soup/stew good for fall weather. I know how easy it is to fill a big pot with beans, tomatoes, chili, corn, and anything else you like in your chili – all from cans. It’s just as easy, though, to cook dry beans and vegetables from the garden ahead of time and freeze them for later use. All you have to do is thaw packages of the foods you want for your chili and add them to a pot on the stove, in a slow cooker, or in a pressure cooker. Think of how happy you’ll make your family as they walk in the door smelling the aroma of organic hobo chili cooking in the pressure cooker on a chilly fall evening.

Cooking dry beans and garden vegetables can help you save on the grocery bill and produce the best-tasting organic chili you’ve ever had. I love to cook in my slow cooker and pressure cooker. Incidentally, since I started cooking with my Farberware pressure cooker, dry beans has become a favorite pantry commodity in my Southern kitchen.

Garage Sales Can Help You Save on the Grocery Bill 

Yesterday, I listened to The Dave Ramsey Show with my daughter. He interviewed a young lady who became debt free. She had a garage sale and advertised it with a big sign saying something like “Dave Ramsey is making me have a garage sale.” I love it! Dave Ramsey got a kick out of this. What’s awesome is that the young lady is OUT OF DEBT! Doing a garage sale was just one of the things she did to help her cut back on spending. I’d need to listen to the episode again to remember the other things the young woman did to save, but she was quite creative. You can be, too!

Planning a birthday or fall holiday party? Resourcefulness can be fun. You can enjoy finding frugal ways to save on spending money for food whether it’s for every day or a special occasion.

Fall is a festive time in the kitchen with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Try out new trunk-or-treat, turkey, and holiday dessert homemade recipes of your own. Every dollar you can make from a garage sale will help in planning inexpensive holiday meals and treats.

Still have canned beans in the pantry? Begin your day with a healthy portion of protein. It could prevent you from craving sweets filled with over-the-top calories. Here’s a simple and affordable bean breakfast recipe from pantry and fridge items that most people have in the kitchen:

Eggs on a Bed of Beans

Eat breakfast on a budget - beans and eggs

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Author Angie


  • 1 can Refried Black Beans
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 slice Sweet Onion
  • 1 tablespoon Kerrygold Butter
  • 1/4 cup Half and Half
  • 4 slices Kerrygold Dubliner aged natural cheese imported from Ireland
  • 5 Grape or small vine tomatoes
  • A dash of Himalayan salt
  • A dash of basil


  1. Heat beans in a skillet with half of the butter.

  2. Mix the Half and Half with the beans.

  3. Slice the cheese thinly.

  4. Cut one slice of cheese into small pieces and mix in with the beans.

  5. While heating up the beans, cut the onion slice into small pieces and add to a skillet with the other half of the Kerrygold butter and saute.

  6. Add two eggs to the onion and cook an omelet or softly scrambled then add a slice of cheese to the eggs.

  7. Slice the tomatoes in half.

  8. Make a bed of the beans on a breakfast plate.

  9. Add the eggs on top of the beans.

  10. Add the tomato slices around the edge of the bed of beans with eggs.

  11. Add a dash of salt and basil to the beans, eggs, and tomatoes.

  12. Ready to eat!

Recipe Notes

Option: Instead of mixing the Half and Half with the beans, make creamy eggs with the Half and Half.

See how many hours this easy Eggs on a Bed of Beans Breakfast will fill you up.


Challenge Yourself: Start Saving Money in the Kitchen

Start saving in the kitchen. I know of two families of five who managed to feed their household with $25 per week for a month or more. That’s $100 per month. I challenge you to try it for a month. After you do, will you come back to my blog and share your grocery-saving experience?

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