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A Hobo Chili in the Slow Cooker

Now that I’m back at the cabin after visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and my cute little granddaughters, I’m cooking up a storm in my Rival Crock-Pot. They were gracious to give me full access to the kitchen and the slow cooker for my 30-day recipe project.

My daughter’s cooking in her big KitchenAid slow cooker mostly involves appetizers that she makes for her CARES teams. She makes the best caramel apples. I had fun helping her unwrap the caramels. I’m so proud of her. She is great at planning meals and appetizers for the CARES team events, and she is such a good mom and prepares nutritious meals for the girls. Check out the recipe I posted if you’re interested in making it.

At the cabin, I looked in the pantry for foods on hand. Wow! Not much there. The first meal I made was a chicken corn chowder (of course, in the slow cooker). I recalled eating the hobo chili at the fall hobo parties we had at the church my dad used to pastor in Center, Texas when I was a kid. Everybody brought a can of food from their pantry that could be added to chili. I had a can of charro beans that I brought from Texas, a can of sauce, and some meat my hubs had grilled that was in the freezer. I added some salsa, too. That’s all I needed to make the chili.

When you make hobo chili, you put all kinds of canned foods in. Add things from the frig and freezer, too, if you’re at home. If you’re going to a hobo party, though, just take a canned food for the chili. People might not be so keen on eating leftovers added to the chili.

My friend and food blogger friend came over for a bowl of my hobo chili and to taste my German Chocolate dessert I tried out in the slow cooker. Now that was a great success. It was so good that we had seconds. Back in the day of our hobo parties, we also had cake walks. I was always in on that game because I loved desserts. If I won my mother’s German Chocolate cake, that was even better.

This hobo chili recipe turned out superb. Add cheese, onions, sour cream or other toppings. It’s such an easy meal to do for one person or the whole family.

Hobo chili is especially good for the fall, but this week we’ve had some chilly nights. Chili made just the perfect meal to get the chill out.

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  1. This combination was very tasty. I wasn’t sure about the manwich sauce, but the end product was delicious. Of course, we rarely have leftover burgers.

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