Grown-up Girls Like to Color

Have you seen these coloring books for grown-up girls? Some of my writer friends got one. When I saw this one (of course, it’s about food and the kitchen, so I love it!), I just had to get it. I’m getting ready to hang out with my little granddaughter to do some artsy recipes.

Coloring books
Life is Delicious

When I was a young girl, I loved to color. Now my oldest granddaughter likes to color. So I got the coloring book to color with her.

Kitchens are for Food and Fun

Kitchens are for the whole family to gather to do activities other than just eating. It’s good for creating art projects. I gave my granddaughter some yogurt to eat one day at the kitchen table. She got really quiet, and I looked over to see why. She had spread the yogurt all around her on the table and had it all over her face. I’m not sure if she ever actually ate any. It was so funny. That day I decided yogurt is a very inexpensive and fun way for kids’ art in the kitchen.

art with kids
Yogurt Art in the Kitchen

Yogurt Recipe Round-Up

It’s time for a five-recipe roundup! Yesterday I posted a pudding and strawberry roundup. Today I’m doing a yogurt and yogurt art roundup. Yogurt art is fun (try it with your grandchildren) especially when you get to eat a special yogurt treat while you play. So I’ve gone on a search for amazing yogurt recipes. Here goes:

  1. How to Make a Stripy Parfait – Oh, WOW! I will have fun with the grandkiddos making this edible project
  2. Yogurt Silly Putty – Grandparents and grandchildren can have a good time with this homemade silly putty.
  3. Breakfast Banana Split – A fun breakfast with bananas!
  4. Strawberry Yogurt Bark – Let the little tots help you make this yummy snack.
  5. Rainbow Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Dip – You want a  colorful and pretty treat? Make this beauty.

That’s today’s roundup. I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me if you try one of these artsy recipes with your little ones or grandchildren. I’ll be trying some out with my granddaughters soon!

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  1. I remember the days when my kids would finger paint with their food. At least, the yogurt is non toxic when they eat it. LOL

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