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Egg & Sausage Muffin Breakfast

Egg and sausage muffin with habanero peach jelly is a good meal to begin the day. And it’s an easy breakfast for truckers. Buy an egg and sausage muffin at McDonald’s, at a truckstop deli, or cook it in the big rig.

Early one morning on the OTR trip with my husband in his big rig I had a “That’s it!” moment. I found out who sells the habanero jelly I like.

Have you ever had an egg and sausage muffin breakfast with hot jelly? You’ve gotta try it. 

My hubby, Mr. Fun, and I stopped at a particular truck stop gift shop that is the coolest little place.

I bought a jar of peach habanero jelly that the shop employee recommended. The stuff was H-O-T and very good. Incidentally, it’s also good on burritos.

We finished off the spicy jelly. But every time I rode with Mr. Fun in the big rig, we couldn’t remember which store sold the jelly.

Kansas Gift Shop

I racked my brain trying to remember where in the sunflower state of Kansas we saw that gift shop. Finally, we found it.

Immediately as we walked into the McDonald’s plaza on I-35, my interest was piqued. To the left was a nice little welcome center with Kansas brochures, and then we turned to the right.

“That’s it!” I said in amazement to Mr. Fun. “That’s the gift shop I’ve been looking for.” Now we both know where to find my favorite little shop at the travel plaza in Kansas.

Spicy Peach Jelly

I’ve blogged before about this spicy peach jelly that the Holmes company makes. I figured since the jelly is truly hot, the salsa must be also. So I purchased both the day we found the gift shop.

Hot jelly
Hot Holmes Made Peach Jelly and Salsa

The spicy peach jelly is so good that I’ve started putting it in some recipes like my salsa and dip.

Small Fridge for the Big Rig

Eventually, my husband put a small fridge for the big rig. That was the best decision.

If your truck is set up for a mini fridge, I’d recommend it. A fridge keeps perishables cold and saves you from constantly putting more ice in a cooler.

Make Big Rig Meals in a Slow Cooker

Another appliance handy to have in a big rig is a slow cooker. You can make soups, cook a roast, and even prepare a steak in a slow cooker.

And it’s possible to cook eggs and sausage in a slow cooker. Cook them on high for about two hours. Or cook on low for 6-8 hours if you can stand to smell the aroma all day.

If you love breakfast foods, consider purchasing a mini electric griddle for your big rig.

Truckers who have a mini fridge can keep eggs and sausage links on hand. That would make it easy to cook a quick breakfast of eggs and sausage. You can even fry toast on the electric griddle.

How to Cook an Egg and Sausage Muffin

You can cook an egg and sausage muffin easily on an electric griddle. It can be cooked in an air fryer, but it’s messier than using the electric griddle.

I tried cooking eggs and sausage links in an air fryer. The eggs were okay. The links turned out excellent.

Air fryer sausage
Air Fryer Sausage Links

What About the 12-Volt Lunchbox?

Mr. Fun and I thought of purchasing the 12-volt lunchbox cooking apparatus for the big rig. However, he decided against the 12-volt lunchbox because of negative reviews.

Apparently, there had been too many incidents of fuses burning out.  But others like using the lunchbox. If you’re a trucker of married to one, look at and search cooking in the truck for cooking ideas.

Check Reviews

Always check out the reviews of gadgets and appliances for your big rig before purchase. Read first about the safety of whatever you are considering to buy and use in your truck.

Safety for you, others on the road, and your truck is top priority. It is never worth taking the risk of experimenting with an appliance you aren’t sure about.



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      They are fun! I was really excited to find the peach jelly. Can’t wait to make more recipes with it.

  1. I agree with you. I love McDonald’s breakfast, but my favorite is the egg McMuffin.

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