5 Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes

slow cooker chocolate cake
Gooey Fudge Brownie Pudding Cake

April’s 30 days of slow cooker recipes challenge is over! I did it!! You know what it’s like when you set a difficult goal for yourself but are determined to see that it happens. Right? That’s what last month was like for me when I chose to blog about slow cooker recipes. Every comment was SO appreciated. If you didn’t comment but read the creative slow cooker recipes, thank you for your visits. I hope that you found some recipes that you will try in your slow cooker to make a day’s cooking easier for you.

The top 5 slow cooker recipes from last month, according to my preference, are:

  1. Queso Chicken Spaghetti – Most families love spaghetti – adults and children. Adding the queso makes this recipe even more receptive to the kiddos.

    Queso Chicken Spaghetti in the Slow Cooker
    Queso Chicken Spaghetti in the Slow Cooker
  2. Rib-eye Steak – If you’ve never tried rib-eye in the slow cooker, you gotta try this one. It’s fabulous! Juicy, tender. Yum.

    Rib-eye Steaks and Sweet Potatoes in the Slow Cooker
  3. Mex-Italian Meatball Nachos – This was one of those cook-what’s-in-the-pantry-and-freezer experiments. Groceries were low that day at my daughter’s house. Everyone was busy and had no time to go grocery shopping yet. There were meatballs in the freezer, chips, and Velveeta. Aha! I had my slow-cooker meal for the day.

    Meatball recipe
    Slow Cooker Mexi-Italian Meatball Nachos
  4. Summer Chili – My daughter really liked this one. That made it extra special. She froze the leftovers in containers for future lunches. It tasted wonderful.

    Slow Cooker Summer Chili
  5. German Chocolate Cake – my most favorite cake ever. It was the one my mom used to make me on my birthdays. So I just had to try it in the slow cooker. A cake made in the slow cooker needs to be eaten then, while it’s hot. Usually, they are also good A-la-mode. My friend and I ate this (well, not all of it), hot out of the slow cooker. Oh, my!!! It was so good we had to have a second helping.

    German Chocolate
    German Chocolate Cake Slice

That’s the 5 favorite slow cooker recipes from April. There are others that come very close to being added to this list. Maybe it depends on the mood I’m in and which flavors I like for the day. Try out some of the other recipes, too. By experimenting with slow cooker meals every day last month, I learned a few things (like rib-eye steaks being so tender). I came up with recipes that even surprised me. It was challenging but fun.

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  1. Hello, Angie. When cooking the ribeye, do you add the sweet tea to the slow cooker or you only use it to marinade?
    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi, Jackie. I use the sweet tea as a marinade. Thank you for visiting my blog! By the way, the ribeye is SO good that my husband’s favorite slow cooker meal now in his big rig is ribeye! 🙂

  2. Delicious looking recipes. German chocolate cake wss delicious.

  3. Hi Angie,

    I love your slow cooker recipes! The German chocolate cake looks delicious, I will try to make it in my slow cooker. Thank you!


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