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A Creamy Cheese Recipe

Creamy Tacos is a recipe I’ve made for years, and it has been a favorite of my family and friends. It’s a great covered dish to bring to events.

When you bring this dish to an event, it’s handy to have it in the slow cooker because you can plug it in and keep it on warm. However, I’ve made this plenty of times on the stove in a large pot. Seldom does my family have any left over.

This recipe has Velveeta cheese in it. If you serve this to guests in your home, be sure they like cheese. My husband and I have always loved the Creamy Tacos dish, but we had a guest years ago that didn’t share our favorite cheesy  tacos. It’s a meal in itself.

Our guest was a friend of ours. When we sat down to eat, he informed us apologetically that he didn’t eat cheese. Of course, I made him something else (though I can’t recall what I served him).

If you like queso dip or creamy and cheesy macaroni, you’ll probably like this.

You can change this recipe up a number of ways. Serve it as a dip, or add your favorite vegetables and make it a veggie cheese soup like a cheesy broccoli soup.

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  1. This recipe looks very decadent. I think it would be great servec over chips as you suggested, but I was wondering if you ever top it with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, or green onions?

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