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Comfort of Food

Comfort food makes me happy. It doesn’t make me feel helpless if I don’t have it. To make it simple, I can do without chocolate most of the time. But there are those times that chocolate hits the perfect mark on my comfort list.

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Food is only one item on that comfort list. Think about why food brings you comfort. It’s all about feelings, memories, feel-good moments throughout life.

Comfort from Memories

You can walk into a store and get a whiff of a certain scent that takes you back in time. Suddenly, you’re reminded of another place, another time. It may be a cologne you wore when you fell in love with your sweetheart, a lotion that your mom used to use, lavender roses that grew behind your bedroom window – which reminds me of a special person and memory of way back.

Lavender Rose

My husband, our daughter, and I used to live the RV lifestyle and traveled across the U.S. for several years. During the holidays, we would park the RV close to our families. My mother-in-law liked for us to stay in her apartment with her, so we would park the trailer at a nearby facility or friend’s house and enjoy the holiday with her. Behind the bedroom we stayed in, there was a lavender rose bush. One day Mom went outside and cut one of those roses from the bush, placed it in a vase, and set it on the table. I had never smelled the fragrance of a lavender rose until then. It was such a pleasant scent, one that always brings me sweet memories.

Comfort of Lavender Oil

Doterra Essential Oils
Lavender Oil

Need to relax? Use a drop of lavender oil, and make yourself a cup of hot lavender tea. Ahh! One of my favorite comfort things to do is use lavender oil as a fragrance in my home. It’s soothing to use directly on the skin and when you soak in a bath. Lavender oil from Doterra Essential Oils is one of those comforts I like to keep on hand because it helps relieve me of stress. Just opening it and smelling the fragrance is enough to make pleasant thoughts come to mind. But there are other benefits to using the oil. When I’ve been standing on my feet for hours, a drop of the lavender oil relaxes my aching feet. If this beneficial oil is something you would like to try, it can be purchased at my Doterra Essential Oils website.

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  1. I love using lavender oil on my feet to help me sleep when I am stressed about something.

    1. Author

      It amazes me how well the lavender works when I put it on my feet.

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