Coffee shop. Lavender coffee. Sweet. How is lavender good for you? Lavender is a popular item on menus these days. What’s the attraction all about? Could be about health and nutrition. Probably it’s because lavender provides many good uses. If you’re like me, sweet lavender coffee doesn’t stop the indulging at a favorite coffee shop. Recently, I ordered a hot lavender coffee with whipped cream – and an almond and raspberry scone.Read More →

Beat Stress with Lavender NOTE: This post contains an affiliate link or links to Doterra Essential Oils which means if you click on it and make a purchase, I make a commission. This doesn’t cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep the rest of my content free, so thank you! Comfort of Food Comfort food makes me happy. It doesn’t make me feel helpless if I don’t have it. To make it simple, I can do without chocolate most of the time. But there are those times that chocolate hits the perfect mark on my comfort list. Food is only one item onRead More →