What foods should you serve your grandkids? Meal planning for grandchildren makes life fun and challenging at the same time. Make it easy for yourself. Serve your grandkids simple meals, like chicken soup, that are healthy, tasty, and fun to eat. Provide breakfast, lunch, dinner – and snacks. Ask the kids’ parents what they prefer that their children eat. Find out if there are any foods the parents absolutely do not want them to have, and stay away from those. Don’t want to cook? Take them out to kid-friendly restaurants. My grands love it when I take them out. Breakfast is my favorite meal. SometimesRead More →

Lentil soup always seemed quite blah to me. Then I saw a recipe with lentils, red wine, and kale. I prefer spinach over kale so I decided to try it. It was so good! The hubs loved it and requested that I make it again. I knew this recipe would stay on my recipe-favs-list. The catch is this: hubs said don’t change anything. He knows me well – I do like coming up with twists to already-tried recipes. This one is so good, however, that it’s worth fixing over and over. I hope you enjoy it!   Spinach, Chicken Sausage & Lentils Recipe Type: MainRead More →