Today I’m beginning a seven-day food blogathon at Kitchen Southern Hospitality with my list of top ten pantry food bloggers. I chose these particular food blogs because the food blogger:

  • cooks from her pantry,
  • includes recipes from what’s on hand,
  • offers a printable pantry ingredient list,
  • sells cookbooks with recipes from pantry staples,
  • shares recipes that anyone can make from simple pantry ingredients,
  • publishes kitchen pantry articles, or
  • blogs about pantry-friendly recipes.

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Top 10 Pantry Food Blog List

      1. Olena cooks from her pantry, what she has on hand. If you’re looking for quick, easy, and healthy weeknight dinner recipes, visit her blog. I love Olena’s story and fascinating blog.
      2. Erin Alderson, author of The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen, believes that “having a solid pantry is … the reason I’m able to cook without planning most of the time.”                                                                                                          
      3. Karly Gomez began A Simple Pantry “to provide families recipes without crazy or inaccessible ingredients, but with easy instructions.” If you have a picky eater in your family (she grew up a picky eater, too), you’ll appreciate Karly’s fabulous-looking recipes .
      4. This is a blog by Elana Amsterdam, the author of three cookbooks featuring recipes with almond and coconut flours, paleo and gluten-free diets. Elana’s blog contains recipes for multiple types of diets and kitchen pantry articles such as Basic Essentials in the Kitchen and Stocking Your Kitchen: Pots and Pans.
      5. Check out Five Dinners to Make from Pantry Staples, Pantry Pasta, Fruit Cobbler, Gin & Tonic in a Can, and the Project, Pantry, Purpose recipe series.
      6. You’ll find great recipes like Impossible Pie with Bacon and Swiss on this blog made with “common pantry ingredients.” See Michaela’s Must Have Pantry Recipes Plus Tips for the Most Organized Pantry.
      7. Jeanine and Jack believe that a well-stocked pantry includes the cupboard, the fridge, and the freezer. Visit their blog to see the variety of thirty-plus pantry recipes.
      8. Blogger Angela, a self-taught home cook, food blogger, recipe developer and food photographer advises to “be flexible based on the ingredients you have on hand.” She shares a list of her favorite staples that she keeps on hand in her pantry, fridge and freezer. Needing pointers on organizing your pantry? Use Angela’s “pantry favs” and”produce favs” as a guide.
      9. See Blogger Kate’s “50 Pantry-Friendly Recipes” and download her handy Pantry Ingredients list.
      10. My friend Patty Cake’s blog is about “Turning Pantry Staples into Mealtime Stars.” She and I joined together in planning specific food blog topics for the month of August such as cooking from what’s on hand in the pantry. For instance, Patty Cake has published “Our Twelve Favorite Canned Vegetables” and includes several recipes made from canned foods in her pantry. 

I loved reading all of these blogs and discovering other food bloggers who, like me, enjoy creating recipes from what’s on hand in the kitchen. Cooking will become easier for you when you adopt the cooking tips from these pantry pros.

New to cooking on your own?  Check out pantry lists for beginners, newlyweds, or newly-on-your-own home chefs:






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