No rush to take the Christmas tree or red table decorations down yet. Keep them out in January. Leave the Christmas tree up for Valentine’s Day.

White twinkly fairy lights are used for various holidays and events throughout the year. Add a pop of red for a tablescape with twinkle lights to brighten your home in January.

Like the lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star soothes a baby to sleep, soft twinkling lights can soothe stress in an adult.

Red kitchen table decor
Red Kitchen Tablescape Centerpiece

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January 8th is my birthday (yes, that was Elvis Presley’s birthday, too). My honey totally surprised me on my birthday with this gorgeous rose bouquet:

Rose bouquet
Birthday Roses

When to Take Christmas Decorations Down

Christmas decorations are taken down by some folks after January 6th so that they won’t have bad luck.

In January 2019 I left my Christmas tree up until after Easter. I did, however, have a reason for leaving it up for so long. I was recovering from a major surgery.

The tree had been set up beforehand, and for Valentine’s Day, I left some of the Christmas decorations on and added hearts.

Valentine’s Day tree
Christmas Tree Decorated for Valentine’s Day

Leaving Red Decorations Up Past January

Some red decorations can be left up past January. When our daughter and her family couldn’t come for Christmas in December once or twice, the red decor stayed put. I wanted to keep the festive colors and decor for our grandchildren to enjoy.

I’ve even left Christmasy red decorations up for February. Valentine’s gifts were waiting for my little grands (and they were very excited) under the tree.

I left the tree up for Easter once and surprised our grands again with gifts under the tree. Of course, all the littles love receiving presents under the tree no matter the occasion.

Year Round Christmas Tree

How many people do you know that have a year round Christmas tree? My mother left her Christmas tree up all year round for years – with all the holiday ornaments on it. The tree was in the living room, separate from the den where family and friends usually gathered for visiting.

Small Christmas trees are fun to decorate year round as well. Set them on coffee tables, dining table, dressers, or side tables.

Decorating with Lights

My parents loved decorating with lights in their yard at Christmastime. The first thing we would notice was the Christmas lights in the yard. There were many so the house would be lit up with festive bright lights.

It does seem crazy, I will admit, to drive by houses that keep their Christmas lights up all year round. White fairy lights, on the other hand, look beautiful any time of the year for all types of special events.

Fairy Lights

The fairy curtain lights below are USB and battery powered. You can plug them in with an extra charger. These can be ordered from Amazon:

I like to decorate with battery operated fairy lights. White twinkly lights look pretty on a fireplace mantel, in jars, on a table, and on miniature trees. And of course, fairy lights look gorgeous in weddings.

The battery-operated fairy lights below are 6.6 feet and come in a pack of eight:


Red Table Decorations, Berries, and Plaids

Discover the beauty of including splashes of red table decorations. Eager to ditch all the Christmas decorations? Then at least place a few twigs of berries in a vase.

Or if you like plaids, do a table setting with red and black plaid dishes (I love this…

During the Christmas holidays, I have loved decorating with my white placemats that have “JOY” on one side. The other side is plain, no words, so I can use them at any time throughout the year. And you can see the mini Christmas trees that my little granddaughter helped me decorate:

Mini Christmas trees
Mini Christmas Tree Tablescape

When Schedules Interfere with Holiday Plans

When schedules interfere with holiday plans, extend the holiday fun. Get together on a different date for celebrating holidays. What worked for families twenty or thirty years ago may not be feasible as your family grows.

Way back in the day, families usually lived closer together than they do now. So be willing to bend a little on holiday traditions.

Red Centerpiece Ideas

Need red centerpiece ideas for a January kitchen table? Perhaps, you’ve decided to keep your Christmas decorations up longer this year but are tired of red and green. Consider the following ideas.

1. Fill a red decorative dish with homemade peppermint bark candy and set it on the table as after-dinner treats.

2. Place a candle in a red festive candle holder on your table.

3. Arrange mini white birch logs, greenery, and a cardinal in a red or white vase or container.

4. Use a bouquet of red roses as a centerpiece.

5. Set your table with white placemats and red dishes – or red placemats with white dishes.

6. Choose white placemats, a red table runner, white dishes, and red cloth napkins.

Carry Splashes of Red into February

Carry your splashes of red into February for Valentine’s Day. Come up with various ways to display bursts of red such as scattered red heart candies on the table. Or bake mini Bundt cakes and serve on a white platter set on top of a red decorative placemat.

Bundt cakes
Everything Mini Bundt Cakes

You could change the place settings with different plates. Add a different colored table runner.

Use another set of placemats and napkins.

Red Table Decorations to Lighten Winter Blues

Add touches of red table decorations to lighten seasonal winter blues. How about using decor with a red bird? Decorate with the beauty of nature in mind.

It’s amazing to me how many birds have various reddish features. Check out the article, Snow Birds: Birds to Look for in Winter. It mentions one bird with red eyes.


Go with what you love, though.

Like grays? Here is a beautiful gray and white table runner used with a vase of flowers.

Tired of holiday reds? Choose an accent color that inspires you.

For a fun idea on vintage table decorations, see Kitchen Southern Hospitality’s mix and match vintage tablescape.

Table decor
Mix Match Vintage Tablescape

Your Own Hospitality Signature

Touch the hearts of others by your own hospitality signature. Help guests feel comfortable, cozy, and welcome using fun and thoughtful tablescapes.

If you invite friends or family members for brunch or dinner, set the table with their favorite colors.

What brings you joy in making your home presentable to guests? I would love to know and hope you’ll share in the comments.

Happy New Year

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