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Poe Bouyz House

What is there to eat and see when you’re traveling in a big rig in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma?

You’ll discover spicy food and/or a very large portion when you order Louisiana and Texas cuisine.

Like barbecue? Pickles? Okay, then you do not want to miss eating at Cowboy Plaza, 522 S Peach St., Stillwater, Oklahoma. Great food!

Have you seen that crazy-looking building on I-35, the Poe Bouyz House in Oklahoma City? It’s open!! 

Louisiana Truck Stop Breakfast

On National Waffle Day, my trucker husband and I started the day before daylight in Louisiana and ordered our breakfast at a truck stop. I thought about waffles, but not for long.

My meal consisted of (Are you ready for this?) soft scrambled eggs and an enormous helping of grits. Stacked high on top of the grits were several (I lost count at three) slices of bacon. Then the lady filling our styrofoam to-go containers placed a huge biscuit on top of the grits. She closed the lid, smashing the bottom layer of the biscuit into the hot grits.

Although I love waffles, I had more than plenty for breakfast. As we took our hot breakfasts back to eat inside the truck, I thought “There’s no way I can eat all that food!” And I didn’t finish it – at least not in one meal. I placed it in the cooler chilled with ice, and the two of us shared it for dinner.

Traveling through East Texas, we stopped at a donut shop and ordered a spicy boudin kolache. Lunch.

Boudin Kolache

Picket’s Plants and Produce, Alba, Texas

In Texas we stopped at a roadside produce stand and loaded up with fresh fruits and veggies. We stocked up with purple hull peas, peaches, Rainier cherries, peach preserves, blackberry jam, a watermelon and a cup of homemade ice cream (Read more about Picket’s).

Poe Bouyz House, Oklahoma City, OK

Going through Oklahoma City on Interstate 35 later in the afternoon, we passed a crazy-looking building. Called Poe Bouyz House, it’s built with colorful crooked windows and doors. My husband had pointed it out to me on the last trip. This time, I had time to take a picture. Learn more about Poe Bouyz House at https://youtu.be/2ypEnuIeVVY.

Googling the name on the building, I learned that the interesting house is a seafood restaurant. I’m waiting to find out if there’s any chance of parking for semis there or nearby. I mean, truckers pass by the Poe Bouyz House every day on I-35 – and truckers have gotta eat, too, you know. 

Now that’s a day trip, big-rig style, in the South. 




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  1. Hi Angie, how are you? So fun to keep up with your big-rig adventures! What is a Boudin Kolache? I am guessing it is a hot-pocket sort of sandwich with Eastern European roots. It looks delicious! I miss you, my friend.

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