Three Eating Places to Try in Houston, TX

Going to Houston, Texas for a visit? Try out these three places. The quality is excellent, and the menus have something for the whole family.

Freebirds World Burrito

Eating Places in Houston, TX
Freebirds, Houston, TX

Freebirds is a great place to go if you’re craving a burrito, chips, salsa, or queso but you don’t want to wait a long time to be seated. They advertise “nothing frozen here” so you can count on fresh ingredients.

Choose from four meal sizes: Hybird, Freebird, Monster, or Super Monster. You can create a different burrito experience every time you visit Freebirds because of the variety of tortillas, beans, rice, salsa and more.

I like the Vegetarian Burrito Bowl, cilantro rice, and queso. Mmmm good!

Freebirds in Houston TX
Burrito Bowl at Freebirds

Torchy’s Tacos in Houston

Eating Places in Houston, TX
Torchy’s Tacos in Houston, TX
Torchy's in Houston, TX
Tacos at Torchy’s

If you love tacos, you must experience Torchy’s. It’s important to look at the menu when you’re waiting in line (but the wait is worth it) because ordering can be daunting on the first visit. The menu has so much to offer that it’s hard to read quickly and determine what to order. Real hungry? Order more than one entree. Not very hungry? One entree will satisfy. Like chips and queso? Definitely, order their queso! They make the best ever. Honestly, everything I’ve ever ordered was great.

Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck
Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck in Houston, TX

Cousins Maine Lobster

Do something different and order lobster from a food truck. Look at Cousins Maine Lobster’s schedule to see their locations. My daughter and I ordered the shrimp tacos, lobster tots, and lobster bisque.

Sunday, I had mentioned crab bisque to my daughters when I went with their families to eat at The Spot in Galveston (I’ll save that for another blog post). The next day when Cousins’ food truck showed up downtown – AND had lobster BISQUE on the menu, I couldn’t resist. The tacos, tater tots, and bisque were great choices, but those LOBSTER TOTS – WOW! FYI, they do have gluten-free options available.


Would I go back to all three? Oh yeah! And I’d order something different on the menu each time because I like trying out different foods. One thing, though, that I didn’t get that I wish I would’ve – the Whoopie Pie at Cousins. Next time!

Where in Houston, TX is your favorite place to eat? Leave a message in the comment section!


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  1. Food trucks have come a long way since I was a kid. I can’t imagine a food truck that sells Lobster Bisque. Wow!

    1. Author

      I thought it was an excellent idea – food truck with lobster. Love it!

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