Buttermilk’s Benefits

What benefits could possibly come out of buttermilk other than its creaminess that makes recipes have a richer flavor? Surely the sour taste of buttermilk that is comparable to drinking a glass of sour cream can’t be all that beneficial. Or can it?

Buttermilk Recipes

Let’s take a look. Buttermilk

  • helps with digestion.
  • gives you 28% of daily digestion.
  • is a coolant for your body during extreme summer hot days.
  • helps get rid of blemishes
  • helps to tighten skin
  • aids with sunburn
  • helps diarrhea
  • helps with weight loss

The benefits mentioned here are what I’ve read. I’m sure there are more good results and nutrition that can come from drinking buttermilk. Keep in mind that this blog is not a medical website, and I’m not making any claims here.  On the other hand, I do have some experiences with buttermilk.

My parents always tried to give my brothers and me a glass of buttermilk any time we had digestive problems or felt sick. They (especially my dad) believed it would help us. Perhaps it helped my brothers. It didn’t help me because I gagged at barely a taste. They also gave it to the grandchildren when they were sick. It actually seemed to help them.

What I do know is buttermilk gives recipes an amazing creamy boost. I love the stuff – in recipes! This week I posted a recipe for a Strawberry Lemon Creamy Cheesecake Pudding that has buttermilk which adds a strawberry rich taste.

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Buttermilk Pie & Bread Pudding Recipe Round-up


My favorite buttermilk recipe is buttermilk pie. Next in line is bread puddings. Can you imagine buttermilk-flavored bread puddings? Oh my! So I’ll start my buttermilk round-up with links to some of the best pies and bread puddings on Pinterest.


That list of buttermilk pies and bread puddings is certainly not an exhaustive one, but I hope you find one of these that you love. Return tomorrow for my round-up of buttermilk pastries and cookies.


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  2. I know that all cultured dairy products contain beneficial microorganisms. I’ve used buttermilk in cakes, cornbread, and biscuits. I never considered using it to make bread pudding, though.

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