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Easy & Juicy Ribeye

Today I went to the supermarket and purchased two bone-in ribeyes.

Rib-eye Steaks and Sweet Potatoes in the Slow Cooker
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I’ve cooked them before in my slow cooker for four hours. But this time, I did it differently. I sprinkled the steaks generously with seasoning and put them in the crockpot and didn’t cover them with foil. It didn’t dawn on me until two-and-a-half hours later that I forgot to wrap them in foil. The last time I cooked them in the slow cooker, I also added sweet potatoes.

rib-eye steak
Rib-eyes and Sweet Potatoes in the Slow Cooker

When I remembered, I took out the steaks, added barbecue sauce to them, covered them with foil, and cooked them for another thirty minutes.

The steak turned out great. I just love this way of cooking steaks. No oven heating up the kitchen on a hot day. Quick way to serve a steak dinner.

Though I don’t usually cook vegetables in the microwave, I did for this meal. The veggies included sweet peas (with a tablespoon of sugar and a tad of butter) and Charro (pinto) beans.

Slow Cooker No-Salt Ribeye Steaks

Some meat I’ve cooked in the slow cooker haven’t turned out as good as the steak. I’ve tried pork chops, hamburger patties, and chicken and have been pleased overall. When any of the recipes don’t do as I had expected, I keep trying again until it comes out just right. Like the hamburger patties. I wasn’t satisfied with the results. However, I had read that they are best when you use crumpled-up foil between the patties. That was one step I left out. Next time, I’ll try it that way and see if the patties taste better.

Slow cookers are all different. Some are larger than others, so you have to adapt recipes according to yours.

Mostly, my husband grills our meat. We prepare plenty for the whole week and freeze the extra. Actually, the ribeyes can be cooked in the slow cooker then put on the grill for five minutes to add that special smoke flavor to it. YUM!

Cooking ribeyes in the slow cooker is one of the easiest ways to cook a fabulous dinner. They make a great weekend dinner this way because it doesn’t take them a long time to cook.


  1. When I looked at your photo, my mouth started watering. That steak looks juicy and delicious, but I don’t think 3 hours cooking time is quick. LOL. I know what you mean, though. You put the food in the crock pot, and forget about it until the cooking time is finished. In that way, it is quick. You spend a total of 15 minutes interacting with the food to get dinner on the table. You’re free to work in your garden or run errands, or…I will have to try this.

    Sorry, but I’m feeling ornery this morning. I hope I didn’t offend you.

    1. Author

      You got it! Quick and easy to prepare – and quick for a S-L-O-W cooker meal. LOL

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