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Today is a special day, not because of Cinco de Mayo, but because it is the day my mother was born – May 5. I was inspired to begin the Kitchen Hospitality blog because of her. She was an exceptional lady, and I loved her cooking. She cooked for her family as one of ten children. She and her older sister were given household chores to do, and hers was to prepare the meals. I couldn’t let May 5 go by without honoring her memory on

Kitchen Hospitality Products

This week I launched a new product now for sale on the blog – aprons. Mother and her mother wore aprons, and I just think they’re the most practical item to have. Have you ever been cooking in your kitchen and got spots on your nice outfit? So why not use an apron? Not only are they practical. They’re pretty and go right along with comfort cooking and entertaining in the kitchen. Aprons are the first of Kitchen Hospitality’s new product line, but more items are coming soon. The design/manufacturing team is made up of two individuals – my friend, Brittany, and me.

kitchen aprons
Kitchen Hospitality Products Team

Other products coming include some adorable placemats, potholders, and … well, how about I just surprise you? More cute, girly, and retro aprons are on the agenda, and some for the guys. So visit again soon to see what’s new.

You know how authors dedicate their books in honor of someone special? I can’t wait to design a special feature apron and dedicate it in memory of my mother. We’ll be sure to make several of those.


When was the last time you ate a Spudnut? My grandmother found out about them and showed my mother and the ladies at our church how to make them so they could sell them as a fundraiser. Spudnuts were donuts made with potato flour.

I’ll never forget those early Saturday mornings when Mother would wake me up to go to the church at 4:00 am. She would let me lie down on the bed to sleep in the little apartment (we called it the evangelists’ quarters) that was next to the kitchen. Several ladies would meet us there to make the Spudnuts. Later in the morning, a team would go out and sell the donuts. Incidentally, count on having white splotches all over your clothes if you aren’t wearing an apron when you make donuts.

The Saturday donut fundraiser was one of many that my parents had at the churches he pastored. Mother was an incredible organizer and came up with great ideas. The two of them made a fabulous team – and loving parents.


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  1. I really like the retro loom of the coffee apron. Very cute. I would love to have the spud nut recipe. Any chance you will be blogging about that?

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