Strawberries in October

When Fall arrives, I think of apples and pumpkins. This week, though, I was surprised with a half flat of fresh strawberries from my blogger friend.

I’ve been browsing through several cookbooks to see if I might discover a different recipe for strawberries. I found a custard berry parfait recipe in a Taste of Home cookbook. Incidentally, I got to attend The Taste of Home Cooking School this week. That was fun. It would have been more fun had we been able to taste the food. I hadn’t eaten dinner before going (not a wise thing to skip dinner before the cooking school). Unfortunately, tasting the recipes was not included in the price. However, a few people won prizes which included the special recipes that were cooked.

The recipe in my Taste of Home cookbook called for eggs and milk and didn’t specify strawberries, but that’s the kind of berries I decided to use. I didn’t have any eggs, and the last of the milk had already expired. However, I did have a box of Jello Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding mix and a can of evaporated milk and was able to make my own version of a parfait – chocolate with strawberries! Mmm, so good. If you decide to try it, it is rich with the evaporated milk. I ate the parfait in shifts – a third for dessert, the second third for a snack, and the last third for the next day plus a half-cup of chocolate pudding left over for another snack.

Strawberries taste delightful, especially the ones in my garden. They are like little treats teasing me. When I notice a bright red one, I pop it in my mouth and savor the flavor. There are only six little plants. I haven’t had any success with them before and am happy that they actually grew.

My daughter reminded me the other day that the one tradition she remembers is going to a strawberry farm. She was homeschooled because of our RV lifestyle (we traveled in a fifth wheel twelve months out of the year for nearly ten years). We had a blast at the huge farm, picking our berries and putting them in baskets. When we had opportunities to go to such fun places like picking those strawberries or going to a pumpkin patch, we considered those days as our field trips. Fun memories.

Earlier this year when I split another flat of strawberries with my friend Patti, I made the cutest little bundt cakes that had the best flavor.  I’ve convinced myself to make some more of those little bundts before the rest of the strawberries go bad. After that, it’s time for pumpkin recipes. Maybe I’ll check out to see if she has pumpkin-in-a-jar recipes. Patty Cakes makes pretty salads in a jar and layers fruit in a jar. They are perfect for handy to-go lunches or snacks.

Enough for blogging about food right now. I’m getting hungry. In the meantime, I’m going over to my favorite food blog party, Miz Helen’s Full Plate Thursday, to see what Fall goodies there are.

Happy Fall


  1. Author

    Miz Helen, thank you! One of the interesting things about using I-Phone photos is when they come out sideways – like in my photo on Full Plate Thursday. 🙂

  2. Great post about Fall Strawberries. Hope you are having a great day and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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