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Ingredients for pumpkin recipes might be at the top of your fall grocery list, but don’t forget the fall strawberries. Strawberry season is typically early summer but in some parts of the country, you may find fall strawberries in October.

Need ideas for pumpkin recipes and fall strawberries?

Check your pantry for ingredients you already have on hand that you can use as substitutions. I have a food blogger friend at who surprised me one autumn day with a half flat of strawberries. Incidentally, she is  known for her budget-friendly, what’s-on-hand pantry recipes

Suddenly I needed recipe ideas. Browsing through several cookbooks, I found a custard berry parfait recipe.

There was a problem, though. The ingredients for the recipe included eggs and milk. I didn’t have any eggs, and the last of the milk had already expired.

What Can You Substitute for Milk or Eggs in a Recipe?

Instead of eggs and milk, use a can of evaporated milk. I did this with my version of the custard berry parfait recipe, and it turned out different but actually tasted good. I used a Jello Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding and topped it with strawberries. It turned out good.

I ate the parfait in shifts. A third for dessert, second third for a snack. I saved the last third for the next day plus a half-cup of chocolate pudding left over for another snack.

Strawberry Farms and Pumpkin Patches

When was the last time you visited a strawberry farm or pumpkin patch? Take your kids or grandkids. I took three of my grandchildren to a strawberry farm, and they loved having their own baskets to fill up.

My daughter reminded me around the time I originally wrote this blog post about a strawberry farm we visited. Our family traveled in an RV throughout the year when she was growing up, so she was homeschooled.

We had a blast at the huge farm, picking our berries and putting them in baskets. Such occasions like the strawberry farm or a pumpkin patch became our homeschool field trips.

Ideas for Pumpkin Recipes

Go check out the pumpkin cake roll at for pumpkin recipe ideas. On the healthy side, Patty Cakes makes pretty salads in a jar and layers fruit in a jar as well. They are perfect for handy to-go lunches or snacks.

I’m getting hungry. In the meantime, I’m going over to my favorite food blog party, Miz Helen’s Full Plate Thursday, to see what Fall goodies there are.

More Ideas for Fall Strawberries

How about a rainbow salad with strawberries? It’s great no matter the season.

Rainbow Salad
Rainbow Salad for Kids


Happy Fall


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