Need a sweet potato recipe but only cooking for one? You’ll love this simple microwave cinnamon sweet potato recipe. When you want a quick recipe in a hurry, you don’t want to scroll through a page of stories to get to it. I get that. We all have those days that schedules are tight and we need to find a recipe – fast. So here you go. Click on the jump-to link below which will direct you right to the microwave cinnamon sweet potato recipe. Jump to Recipe If you’d like to know how to do multiple cinnamon sweet potatoes, keep reading. How to CookRead More →

Add yams or sweet potatoes to your Thanksgiving sides. Make them plain or like dessert.   Don’t Forget the Yams! There are so many ways to cook yams: Candied Air fried Roasted Boiled Pressure cooked Microwaved And because they are naturally sweet, yams are good cooked simply with no extra sugar or toppings. Some people like ’em. Some don’t. If you and your Thanksgiving dinner guests like sweet potatoes or yams, make these easy Tangy Sweet Yams.Read More →