Orange breakfast scones with orange glaze are definitely for the sweet treat lover. And the icing is homemade powdered sugar. I used to order an orange-glazed orange scone I at a Barnes and Noble cafe in the Midwest. Want to zip past the details to the recipe? Click here: The interesting thing was, though, the Barnes and Noble Cafes down South didn’t offer the same orange scone, only orange-cranberry. After several years went by, I finally decided to make my own. This orange scone recipe is made with a sugar alternative. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you decide to make a purchaseRead More →

 Coffee shop. Lavender coffee. Sweet. How is lavender good for you? Lavender is a popular item on menus these days. What’s the attraction all about? Could be about health and nutrition. Probably it’s because lavender provides many good uses. If you’re like me, sweet lavender coffee doesn’t stop the indulging at a favorite coffee shop. Recently, I ordered a hot lavender coffee with whipped cream – and an almond and raspberry scone.Read More →