Are You Consuming Enough Minerals and Vitamins? Need to eat more vegetables and fruit? Learn how to cook veggies, prepare tasty fruit dishes, and make yummy health shakes. Try a dietary supplement drink with a vanilla, latte, or chocolate flavor and blend with frozen strawberries or a banana. Making nutritious smoothies, or juicing, is simple to do and a great way to include your needed daily nutrients.Read More →

Vegetarian and Dietary Supplements Need to lose a few pounds and feel more healthy? I’m on a 30-day semi-vegetarian plan that includes eating vegetables, drinking a nutritious shake, and occasionally eating meat. One thing I did previous to trying this flexitarian challenge was to add a dietary supplement that helps with healthy digestion, supports healthy weight loss, and provides healthy energy. When I decided to go on a 30-day vegetarian plan for April, I wasn’t sure how I would do. However, I love vegetables and don’t mind skipping meat some days. In addition, I drink a great-tasting nutritious shake most days. A semi-vegetarian diet appealedRead More →

Changing Up Work Out Routines with a Follow Up of Refreshing Shakeology Do you change up your work out routines? The 21-Day Fix DVDs offer a variety of cardio, upper body, lower body, Pilates, Dirty 30, Yoga, and even 10-minute exercises. Enjoy a chilled nutritious Shakeology drink after working out, and you will feel refreshed. Over 50 and not sure if you’re up to working out? This Fitness Grummy totally understands. Do what you can, and follow the modified version on each DVD. That’s what I’ve done, and it is working great for me. Since I began the 21-Day Fix fitness program, I’ve lost 23Read More →

Don’t like to eat much fruit or vegetables? Mix them in smoothies. Try fruit with a vanilla, latte, or chocolate flavored Shakeology drink. Making nutritious smoothies, or juicing, is simple to do and a great way to see that your family eats healthy. Vegetables and fruit are natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Encourage your children to eat more fruits and vegetables by planting a garden, even a small one. Include them when planting seeds and plants, watering, and harvesting. This will make it fun. ThenRead More →

Pumpkin Smoothie

October is a pleasant time of the year with summer behind us and days finally feeling like fall. It’s a season of enjoying fall foliage, having family fun at pumpkin patches, and baking favorite recipes. Full Plate Thursday is one of my favorite recipe parties to join online. If you want to try out a new dish or share one of your own, check out Miz Helen’s Country Cottage. This past Thursday I visited To Simply Inspire’s blog by Sherri and discovered a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Pie Smoothie that I added to the smoothie board at Kitchen Southern Hospitality Pinterest so I can find it quickly.Read More →

Chia seeds have become a popular nutritional staple in today’s kitchen. They can even be a substitute for an egg. How can a person grow up without ever knowing about these tiny seeds? Since hearing so much about chia seeds’ health benefits and drinking them in a beverage at a Mexican market, I was inspired and purchased a large bag of them. I forgot that I had them until reading Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Smoothies over at the Joy Love Food blog. Joy’s recipe got me all inspired, and I remembered my chia seeds. Got a minute to read about my experiment? I have a habitRead More →