Welcome to Kitchen Southern Hospitality – KSH!

Hi there! I’m Angie from Texas and love Southern food, and I’m married to Greg who grills the best ever ribeye steaks. Spending time with family over grilled ribeyes with delicious Southern vegetable or salad side dishes brings great joy.

I’m a mom  and grandma. And I love visits with my grandkids, making meals they love like peanut butter pancakes and egg sandwiches. 

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Angie McCoy Horn

I grew up in a preacher’s home. My dad was a pastor, and my family would often be invited to Sunday dinners by farmer families. My mom and grandmothers gathered fruit and vegetables from their gardens. They made jams, jellies, and froze summer vegetables – clean, organic, comfort eating!

Cooking with a Southern flair is my style. I’ve lived in brick houses with big kitchens, tiny RV kitchen spaces, and small cottage kitchens. I’ve traveled in a big rig with my husband and cooked meals in his small slow cooker.

No matter the size, my kitchens come with Southern food and hospitality. I enjoy creating recipes from what’s on hand in the fridge and pantry.

The kitchen should be a place of comfort for the whole family. Think of all the time we spend there. Naturally, it’s the perfect place to show hospitality.

FOOD is a four-letter word everybody loves!