Happy Valentine’s Day❣

Looking for a quick appetizer to make today? Try a different twist on dipping strawberries in chocolate. Easy. Delicious. Fast.

Valentine's Day
Strawberry Appetizers

You’ll have enough time to make it as a treat today or an after-dinner dessert if you wish.

Strawberry buttons vary from the typical dip-in-chocolate method as you can see from the pictures.

Valentine's Day
Strawberry Buttons

Originally, I intended to dip the strawberries in chocolate by using my friend’s daughter’s recipe with cream cheese. We were shopping in Target, and I was looking for the chocolate squares I’ve used previously for chocolate dipping. There were none available, so I purchased dark chocolate chips.

Valentine's Day
Dark Chocolate Chips

My friend, Barbara, said her daughter made the strawberries with a cream cheese filling. “Great!” I told her, remembering that I had just picked up cream cheese recently. I was all set. However, when I later was in the middle of slicing my strawberries and melting chocolate chips, I pulled out the unopened cream cheese from the fridge. Herbs and onion! Uh-oh. Herbs and onion cream cheese with strawberries and chocolate didn’t sound very appetizing. All of a sudden, my improvise method kicked in.

Barbara’s daughter made yummy strawberries fills with cream cheese (doesn’t that sound incredibly delicious?). I didn’t want to go to the store again that day. Therefore, I decided on filling the strawberries with chocolate.

First, I cut the crown of each strawberry. Next, I sliced the bottom tips off so that the strawberries would not fall over when placed on a plate.

Valentine's Day
Preparing strawberries for filling

The chocolate chips were placed into a deep bowl and into the microwave for about a minute, stirred, then back in for another thirty seconds.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Chocolate-filled Strawberries

Fill the strawberries, place the strawberry bottom tips (buttons) on top. Serve like that, or dip in chocolate if you choose. My husband and I had an early Valentine’s dinner and enjoyed the filled strawberries as you see in the photos. I did dip some in the melted chocolate, but our favorites were the filled strawberries that weren’t dipped in the chocolate.

Strawberry dessert
Chocolate-Filled Strawberries

Chocolate-Filled Strawberry Buttons

Easy and quick-to-make chocolate-filled strawberries

Course Appetizer
Cuisine American


  • 1 Package Strawberries
  • 1 Package Dark Chocolate Chips


  1. Cut off the bottom tips (buttons) of the strawberries so they can be placed flat onto a plate. Cut the crown of the strawberries off and discard.

    Valentine's Day
  2. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave for about a minute, stir, then put back into the microwave for about another thirty seconds. Fill the strawberries, and place the buttons on top. Voila!

If you make the chocolate-filled strawberries, let me know your variations.


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  1. What an interesting twist on chocolate strawberries! I am glad you noticed the cream cheese was herb and onion before you filled the berrirs with it. That could have been a disaster.

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