Tips for Eating Healthy – and a Quiche Recipe

Healthy Changes

What health and fitness changes in 2016 did you make that you want to continue in 2017? New Year’s resolutions may only last until the end of January. But you can set goals and do things to make those changes part of your daily lifestyle.

Back in July I started a new journey with Shakeology because of its nutritious value. By September, I noticed that I wasn’t having sugar cravings like before. Now that had my attention!

Before the end of September, I started working out with the 21-Day Fix DVD’s, and the weight began to come off. I had been stuck in a rut for way too long. Couldn’t lose weight no matter what.

Health and fitness has to become a way of life for it to seriously make a difference.  When I was in my twenties and thirties, I could lose weight much easier than after I reached my forties or fifties.

Healthy Tips

Some of the things I found that work for me now (I’ve lost 20 pounds since the middle of September) are:

  1. drinking Shakeology
  2. eating the right foods
  3. eating the right amount of foods
  4. working out consistently
  5. knowing what my purposes are in life

It was so important to me not to gain weight during December holidays that I planned a challenge group – the December Holiday Challenge.  Who wants to focus on being fit during the holidays? Not many! But a group of us determined to get through December without gaining weight. Here’s how:

  • posting in our Facebook group what we ate
  • posting what workout plan we did
  • sharing recipes and helpful tips
  • working out every day
  • staying on our healthy eating plan
  • only tasting or eating a little of our favorite holiday foods

Soon I’ll find out from my holiday group the success from each one.  Even if it’s no pounds gained, that is a great success!

The accountability of staying dedicated to a healthy eating plan and workout plan is doable in a group of people who are on the plan together.

Healthy Food

Plenty of vegetables, protein, fruit and all the other needed nutrients all count for a healthy eating plan. Christmas brunch was a new experience for me because of my holiday challenge. I decided on crustless Quiche muffins.  Would my toddler granddaughters like them? My daughter and son-in-law? I’d find out soon.

Carbs do get in on the healthy food plan, so I could not leave them out. Waffles were included in the Christmas brunch – definitely a hit with the toddlers! The first bite of the Quche muffins the toddlers ate? Not a hit. But the youngest, a year old, decided she liked it after all.  And their mom and dad liked them! I was delighted because the muffins had veggies and protein – healthy for all of us.

Want the recipe? Here you go:

Happy New Year!


  1. These looks so incredibly yummy, I’m definitely going to have to try them out for myself. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    1. Author

      My pleasure! I love to bake quiche recipes. They’re fun to make – and delicious!!

  2. These are a great idea. Do you think they would freeze well, so we could have a grab and go breakfast?

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