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Hot summer days inspire chilled recipes.

summer heat wave
See that? 112 degrees F

Summer heat waves make you want to stay inside where it’s cool. On days when the temperatures go into triple digits, you need central air. All water coolers do by that time is blow hot air inside.

Such hot days make me want to eat recipes for chilled fruit or veggies. Appetites lessen somewhat on a scorching day. Here are a number of recipes to cool you down while weathering the heat:

Beet (with the beet greens) and berry smoothie!

Start your day with this appetizing drink. Who needs coffee when you can enjoy a breakfast blender meal that looks like a shake? Beets and the greens are nutritious. Blend in a handful of blackberries. Mmmm!

Beet & Berry Smoothie

A Bowl of Fruit

Slice a banana and mix it with blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries.

Fruit Dip
Banana and Blueberries

Fresh fruit pudding

fruit dessert
Vanilla Mandarin Orange Dessert

 Chilled Fruit Pudding


(see the recipe below)

Summer Fruit Recipe
Chilled Summer Fruit Pudding

fruit pudding
Fruit Vanilla Pudding Topped with Wafers

Chilled Corn and Kidney Bean Salad

I just had to include my sweet & spicy corn and bean salad picture for a preview. Come back for a visit tomorrow for the recipe. 🙂

Corn Salad
Chilled Corn Salad

Fresh strawberry buttermilk/milk – Ahh, a dessert drink for breakfast

or to be enjoyed any time of the day.

Strawberry Milk

It’s all SOOO good! Let me know if you try one of the recipes. Tell me what you think or share if you get inspired to make your own version.


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  1. I love creamy fruit salads like this when it’s warm outside.

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